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Hunting in Texas Goes Exotic: Here’s What to Know

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images

In Texas, you can hunt anything for the right price. This Texan ranch is a Disneyland for hunters and outdoorsmen wanting to bag something exotic.

Think Willy Wonka but instead of questionable young youth and candy, there are 90 different species of the most exotic animals in North America.

At the Ox Ranch near San Antonio, hunters can lounge and drink whiskey all day until it’s time to break out those thermal scopes and take down a feral hog. The ranch even has rock star and hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent’s approval. He once called it “proof positive that God is real.”

People Can Hunt a Variety of Wild Game

The ranch has everything from white-tailed bucks with giant antlers to 600 pound African orange-hued antelopes. To hunt one of these antelope, called bongos, the ranch charges $35,000. The price of hunting doesn’t come cheap. Hunters can pay $1,000 to hunt emus. Or if they’re feeling more exotic, they can hunt nilgais (an Indian antelope) and impalas for $5,500. Meanwhile, white-tail bucks range between $2,500 to $20,000 based on antler size. But hunters can take on an Australian native and bag a kangaroo for $7,000.

But there are limits to what animals hunters can acquire, even at the Ox Ranch. You won’t find any endangered species on the kill list at the ranch. Additionally, any wannabe Joe Exotics should probably steer clear. There’s no wild cats like tigers, lions, or leopards on the ranch’s property. Some animals that are at the property are also off limits like the long-necked giraffes. Those creatures are more for aesthetic, viewing pleasure, and company than anything else.

Likewise, it is against the law to hunt “dangerous” exotic animals like rhinoceroses, elephants and the like.

Outdoor Activities

But you don’t have to go to the Ox Ranch just for hunting. The Texas ranch caters to outdoorsmen of all different hobbies and creeds. If a rifle or a gun isn’t really your thing then how about a camera instead? Visitors can go on a photo safari for instance. There’s also a variety of WWII era tanks that can be rented for the right price. Additionally, visitors can fire a variety of mortars and machine guns, practice yoga beside a waterfall, or race jet skis.

But the ranch isn’t without its controversy. Several critics have called out the ranch for its hunting of wild animals as well as its use of canned hunting. Canned hunting infers the animal doesn’t really have a fighting chance. Still, the ranch continues to attrack hunters from all over.

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