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The 15 Best Hunters To Follow On Instagram

by Brett Stayton
Hunters Hike Into The Filed
Photo by Hans Berggren/Getty Images

Instagram has evolved into a major media hub for the hunting industry. Countless outdoors brands and guides and outfitters use the platform to promote their brands and services. Many of the most esteemed and accomplished hunters in the world showcase their epic adventures around the world on Instagram as well. Here’s a look at 15 of the best hunters to follow along with. The list is in no particular order and plenty of other deserving outdoor adventurers could easily be on here.

It’s also important to note that before Instagram people absorbed their hunting stories through these things called books. If there is one man who first perfected the idea of sharing his hunting stories through the art of the written word, it’s Jack O’Connor. The first name on this more modern list though is Jim Shockey. He has hosted numerous outdoor television programs over the years, but none more notable than Uncharted. The program is considered by many to be the very best hunting television series ever produced. Jim’s son Branlin was the producer and cameraman for the series. It was co-hosted by a guy named Corey Knowlton who would be on this list if not for his preference to keep only a small and private account on Instagram.

Jim Shockey

Arguably the biggest legend in the history of the hunting industry, Jim Shockey made his name as both a professional guide and outfitter and television host. He’s explored some of the most remote corners of the Earth and hunted some of the most exotic species out there. He still runs his own outfitting business and he recently joined the Safari Club International podcast to share stories.

Eva Shockey Brent

Shockey’s daughter Eva grew up as a regular hunting buddy of her father as he hosted outdoor television programs. Likely the greatest and most accomplished female hunter of all time, she is one of only 3 women to appear on the cover of Outdoor Life Magazine. The others are the Queen of England who owned hunting dogs and outdoor writer Mia Anstine whose accomplishments and contributions to the hunting industry are far larger than her Instagram. Women are the fastest-growing demographic hunters on the planet. Plenty of other girls like Sydnie Wells, Rachel Ahtila, Emily Perreira, Sydney Broadway, Hannah Barron, Kendall Jones, and Allie D’Andrea fit right in.

Steven Rinella

The incredibly accomplished hunter has been on just about every adventure imaginable in North America. He’s the architect behind The MeatEater digital media empire that includes the biggest hunting podcast in the industry, an entire website devoted to outdoor media, and the very first original hunting show in Netflix history.

Python Cowboy

This guy might be the wildest person on Instagram. I guess that’s fitting considering he’s the only certified Florida Man on the list, that makes sense. He specializes in hunting invasive pythons and wild hogs, oftentimes with hand-to-hand combat. He also uses airguns to shoot many of the invasive species of waterfowl that wreck Florida golf courses.

Remi Warren

One of the premier western big game mountain hunters in North American history. He broke into the industry as a hunting guide and outfitter and has guided clients all over North America and New Zealand. He’s also hosted numerous TV shows and podcasts and specializes in delivering the “how-to” type of content that helps other hunters sharpen their skills.

Adam Greentree

He comes from the land down under. The Australian has a massive YouTube presence and is one of the biggest names in the international hunting industry. He had a bad poaching conviction a while back that showed a lack of good judgment in the heat of the moment. But since cancel culture has been canceled, he’s still got a spot on the list.

Ramsey Russell

This man just gets ducks. The most accomplished waterfowl hunter of all time, Ramsey Russell travels the world hunting ducks and geese. He’s just as happy hunting in his backyard and throughout other more typical waterfowling sweet spots in America. He also runs an outfitting service where aspiring hunters can book some of the wildest waterfowl hunts on earth.

24.7 Hunt

What makes waterfowl hunting so fun is that it’s more of a team effort and social event than any other type of hunting. No one has more fun waterfowl hunting than this 4 man group of duck busters. Their pictures and videos are always on point and their brand’s hats can be found on top of the head of duck hunters all across America. The group is comprised of Ranar Moody, Darryl Moore, Ricky Nicholas, and Aubrey Mack.

Tyler Jordan

The son of Realtree Camouflage Founder Bill Jordan, Tyler Jordan is currently the host of Realtree Roadtrips. His account showcases his down-home s documentary-style content from deer and turkey hunts all across America. He’s regularly joined on the show by other notable personalities like pro athletics and country music singers.

Ben Tumata

If you’re unfamiliar with the hunting culture and opportunities in New Zealand then look into it. It’s one of the wildest places on Earth and the Southern Alps are one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on the planet. Ben Tumata is a professional guide and outfitter who specializes in multi-day camping trips and high alpine hunts in New Zealand. He’s also a talented content creator whose videos and social media posts provide a digital glimpse of his adventures.

Clay Newcomb

No list like this would be complete without a little good old-fashioned bear grease. Pioneer-era America was damn near founded by bear hunters and the grease they harbored from bears. It could be used for numerous activities that made everyday life possible back then. Bear Grease is also the name of Newcomb’s podcast and he’s part of the MeatEater team. He also owns and operates Bear Hunting Magazine. No one in the world knows more about bear hunting than him.

Tom Miranda

One of the original gangsters when it comes to creating digital hunting content. Perhaps no one on earth has arrowed more animals on archery hunts around the world than Miranda. He’s an accomplished author and book aficionado who mixes historic photographs and stories he finds interesting with his own adventures. At his peak, he had the biggest hunting show on television and was on ESPN pretty much every week.

John X Safaris

This list would not be complete without at least a glimpse into the wild world of African hunting. There are plenty of great guides, outfitters, and hunters who make great content centered on the adventures that be found in Africa. Perhaps no one does a better job showcasing those adventures on Instagram than this guide and outfitter from South Africa.

Cameron Hanes

Are you guys silly? Do you think I was going to put a list like this together without sending it on some “Keep Hammering” content? Cam Hanes is one of the most accomplished bowhunters on Earth who creates some of the best digital content in the industry. He’s also an absolute fitness monster who built his brand at the intersection of working out and singing arrows.

Donnie Vincent

Perhaps no one makes hunting content with more poeticism than Donnie Vincent. The adventurer and filmmaker has been all around the world and puts together some of the most epic hunting videos ever. He also previously joined Jay Cutler for a podcast about it and all kinds of good stuff. His epic video “Who We Are” sums up what it means to be a hunter better than that concept has ever been put into words.