New Rifles and Shotguns Announced by Henry Repeating Arms: Details on The New Releases

by Kayla Zadel

American gunmaker Henry Repeating Arms is announcing a slew of new and upgraded rifles and shotguns. The Wisconsin-made lever-action is replacing 29 “legacy” models with newly upgraded versions. Plus, the company is adding three new single shots to the lineup.

By popular demand, Henry Repeating Arms is replacing all steel-framed centerfire lever-action rifles and shotguns to include a side loading gate. However, the removable tube magazine will stay that’s based on the original Henry rifle patented in 1860.

“Ever since our fans and customers got a taste of a side loading Henry, the requests started rolling in immediately to include this feature on their favorite finish or caliber,” states Anthony Imperato, president, and owner of Henry Repeating Arms.

Imperato continues in the press release, “The removable tube magazine is a core part of our product DNA, so that’s not going anywhere, and fans of the classic brass and octagon barrel configurations will always be able to get that from us.”

Henry Repeating Arms Introduces New Design

The open-ended magazine design was first introduced in 2019 with the Henry H024 Side Gate Lever Action. This convenient mechanism allows owners the ability to conveniently load the magazine. Plus it keeps it topped off through a port in the receiver. Furthermore, the design safely unloads the magazine by twisting out the inner magazine tube.

The transition applies to all of Henry’s .30-30 and .45-70 rifles, .410 bore shotguns. It also affects the revolver caliber Big Boy rifles in their blued steel, All-Weather, and Color Case Hardened finishes that do not already include a side loading gate.

This video announces the new installment, plus takes the 44-Magnum for a quick test drive.

New Rifles and Shotguns Join the Line-Up

In addition to the new Side Gate models, Henry is announcing two, new calibers. This is for the H015 Single Shot Rifle with .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster.

For large game hunters in shotgun-only areas, the American-made gun company is also releasing the Henry Single Shot Slug Barrel Shotgun in 12 gauge. This gun features a fully rifled barrel for use with shotgun slugs and fiber optic sights.

New Original Henry Collectible Gun

Henry Repeating Arms is also announcing another exclusive collector’s item, the B.T. Henry 200th Anniversary Edition.

Furthermore, this anniversary edition rifle features intricately flowing scrollwork and a portrait of Henry himself. The rifle is limited to 200 units worldwide.

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