Best Hunting Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 2020, Hands Down

by Jon D. B.

Ready to shop for the hunter in your life this Holiday Season? We’ve got the top six genuine hunting gifts picked for you – no fuss or fluff included.

If you’ve thumbed through a bunch of similar articles online, you know that they all include heaps of “gee… thaaanks” gifts that the hunter in your life already has – or doesn’t want. We highly doubt he/she wants a third object that says “I’d rather be hunting” over – say – a trustworthy hand warmer or effective game hoist.

And that’s where we come in.

The outdoors experts at have put together a concise list of 6 fantastic finds for your hunters this holiday season. No extra fifty fluff items, either. Just the good stuff – all in one place.

The best part? None of these are going to break the bank. Let’s get started.

With 40 feet of rope, a reinforced pulley system, and steep gambrel, this game hoist is a sure-bet as far as hunting gifts go. As any hunter can tell you, it’s not required to have a hoist for butchering – but d*mn if it doesn’t make it a whole lot easier and cleaner.

This Game Hoist & Gambrel from Hunter’s Specialties weight rates at 600 pounds. They also offer a 1,500-pound version on Amazon, as well. The best part of both systems is the 4:1 ratio. This means a 150 lb hunter can hoist up a 600 lb buck all by themselves, no problem. Good luck doing that without.

In addition, having a hoist drastically decreases the chances of contaminating game meat during the butchering process.

Go on, get this one, alongside a few other hunting gifts from the list. It’s only $21.59. You can thank us later.

Safety first, right? While some refuse to acknowledge it (we all know that guy), most hunters are staunch stewards of safety. For a sport that literally revolves around life & death, being as prepared as possible should be the name of the game. As a result of this mindset, you can’t go wrong with getting your hunter these Midland Two-Way Radios.

Sure, we all have cellphones now. But cellphones are not reliable out in the wilderness, period. And with a realistically-tested 1-mile range and 50 channels to choose from, these two-way radios will go a lot further in an emergency. In addition, these radios can tune into NOAA for severe weather updates, and come in multiple camo patterns.

Midlands also include the whisper to talk feature, vibration alert, and works with an ear piece. All of this is music to a hunter’s ears.

Oh, to have had one of these for every prior winter hunting trip. If you’ve been out in the cold-cold, you know that sometimes even the best gloves won’t cut it. And even if they do, they’re cumbersome and get in the way of everything. That’s where the Zippo hand Warmer comes in.

Many of us have had a poor-quality hand warmer in the past. This one, however, is certified Zippo-strong and doesn’t require batteries or charging. Simply fill the Hand Warmer with lighter fluid, then place the burner back on and apply a flame to it with your lighter. Put the Hand Warmer top back on, slip into your warming pouch, and enjoy the heat!

The Hand Warmer will “continually provide heat for 6 – 12 hours once turned on. If necessary, place hand warmer in the pouch and place on a fireproof surface until the fuel is exhausted.”

Is your hunter a 21st century sportsman? If so, get him 21st century hunting gifts!

Many hunters are using on Xmaps and similar apps to navigate to great success. Doing so, however, can absolutely drain your smartphone before you’re even a quarter into your trip. Luckily, solar power chargers have come along – and we mean a long – way in the last couple of years.

For our money, the BLAVOR Solar Charger Bank is the way to go. Whether your hunter needs to recharge their phone in an emergency situation or needs power for literally any other rechargeable item in their kit – this fairly-priced solar-powered bank is a surefire blessing to have on-hand. It will pre-charge electrically at home before you set out, too. Need more power? Set it out in the sunlight!

Added bonus: it also functions as a flashlight and compass. Never hurts!

Now, say your hunter succeeds in their hunt with all the gear above. They’ve bagged a beaut’ and harvested some prime meats to bring home to the table. Time to give them the gift that gives back to you, too, huh? The better they are at cooking their spoils, the better you’ll eat. Everyone wins!

Much of wild game gets a bad reputation with the general public for one reason: the majority of hunters genuinely have no idea how to prep and/or cook wild game. At all. It’s an entirely different art form than buying livestock meats at the grocery store and whipping up something good in the kitchen. All of this is, however, very possible – and very fruitful – with the right knowledge.

That’s where The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook comes in. We know some will skip right by the book on the list for other hunting gifts, but they’re absolutely missing out. Steven Rinella has done an absolutely stellar job with this title. Moreover, over 4,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon agree, too.

It’s all in here, as well: step-by-step instructions on how to break down and cook the most popular species of North American game and fish. The best part? The slick hardcover will run you less than $20.

What could possibly be better for your hunter than harvesting and preparing their own trophy for your dining pleasure? Self-mounting the rack from said trophy to hang forever in the house!

This may not be something the hunter in your life ever thought they could do themselves. It is, however, completely possible with this kit -and much more straightforward than you think. There’s no fake wood or suede here, either – it’s all genuine pine & leather. “Real hunters want real wood on their walls,” the Amazon listing says – and they’re 100% right. The mounting kits are available in several pre-stained woods, as well.

This specific Walnut Hollow Deluxe Antler Mount Kit is tailored for white tail and mule deer racks.

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