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A Look Back At Country Singer Easton Corbin’s Turkey Hunt With NWTF

by Brett Stayton
Easton Corbin In Camo
(Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Outsider will be continuing to amplify the Gobblers-N-Guitar video series presented by The National Wild Turkey Federation. The videos are an inside look at the cultural blend of country music and turkey hunting. It’s a nexus built on storytelling and good vibes. NWTF’s efforts to leverage the voice country music industry predates Gobblers-N-Guitars though. In 2019 they worked with Roll With It singer Easton Corbin to rally support for wild turkey conservation efforts, sharing a hunting adventure with good friends and great music.

Prior to the launch of Gobbler-N-Guitars, NWTF’s Pete Muller teamed up with country singer Easton Corbin for an Osceola Turkey hunt down in Florida. Pete handles public relations and media responsibilities for NWTF. He recognizes the value and cool factor that using music to promote hunting and hunting to promote music can have. For more information on what his professional efforts with NWTF entail, tune into his conversation on the Hunt Stand podcast.

Hunt Stand Mapping App Helping Turkey Hunters & Conservation Efforts

Hunt Stand is an app that has been a decade in the making. It’s a comprehensive digital toolbox for scouting hunting areas and managing landscapes. With an advanced satellite-based layering system and easy-to-use features that allow users to draw and design their own map keys over a satellite image of the property, it’s revolutionizing how hunters view their hunting properties.

Hunt Stand works closely with NWTF. The app helps private landowners better manage the habitat on their land for the conservation benefit of wild turkeys. More people using tools like Hunt Stand to manage their land means improved turkey habitat. Improved turkey habitat in turn means more turkeys in the woods each spring. The app can also be used to help hunters document their adventures and navigate hunting properties. The team at Hunt Stand recently developed a video that showcases the best ways to utilize their app for turkey hunting.

Easton Corbin Joined NWTF For Florida Turkey Hunt Back In 2019

Easton Corbin has had a very long and successful career in country music. The 40-year-old Florida man burst onto the scene in 2010 when his debut album pumped out two number-one hits, A Little More Country Than That and Roll With It. His second album included the big-time singles Lovin’ You Is Fun, All Over The Road.

Chasing Osceola gobblers through the swamp in the shadows of Spanish moss during a steamy Sunshine State sunrise is one of the ultimate bucket-list experiences in the world of turkey hunting. It’s an adventure that Corbin is no stranger to.

Back in 2019, he joined NWTF and Gods Country Outfitters, one of the premier hunting guide services in the state for a hunt on camera. The video includes more information on the professional hunting operation and a highlight reel of their services. Pete Muller from NWTF also provides some more information on what’s so special about the turkeys down in Florida. Oh yeah, and Easton Corbin lays the smackdown on a really nice big bird. The video also shows off some of the famous Florida home-cookin’… You heard the man. Just show up and bring a shotgun!

God’s Country Outfitters / YouTube