CWD Found in New Wyoming Hunting Area

by Jon D. B.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department confirms a mule deer has has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in one of the state’s newest deer hunting areas.

According to their Wednesday press release, Wyoming’s WGFD is notifying the public of a new hunting area impacted by the fatal cervid disease. CWD is now confirmed in Deer Hunt Area 138. As a result, the state is acting quickly to “ensure that hunters are informed.”

Typically, cases come to light as hunters have their harvests tested for the deadly disease. WGFD. however, is clarifying that a mule deer buck died of CWD in the new hunting area. This is not the first time Chronic Wasting Disease has made its way into the area.

WGFD pinpoints “Deer Hunt Area 138 southeast of Pinedale, bordered by Deer Hunt Area 139 to the north and Deer Hunt Area 171 to the northeast” as the two locations to feel CWD’s impact. Both held previous confirmation of the disease in 2017 and 2015, respectively.

“The Centers for Disease Control recommends hunters do not consume any animal that is obviously ill or tests positive for CWD,” the press release continues. While CWD’s impact on humans is still relatively unknown, the disease is 100% fatal for any cervid (deer family) that contracts it. has an extensive CWD information article available for all hunters who wish to stay knowledgeable of the disease.

“To ensure that hunters are aware, Game and Fish announces when CWD is found in a new hunt area”

In addition, WGFD notes that “Continued monitoring of CWD over time is important to help Game and Fish understand the potential impacts of the disease.” Moreover, their monitoring aims to “evaluate future management actions for deer and elk,” the press release states.

“A map of CWD endemic areas is available on the Game and Fish website,” they note. You can find the map here.

WGFD wishes to remind all hunters that “The disease is [always] fatal to deer, elk and moose.”

Wyoming officials’ finds come after extensive monitoring of the disease, as stated. In 2020 alone, WGFD personnel tested over 6,300 CWD samples. In turn, they will continue to “evaluate new recommendations for trying to manage the disease.”

Wyoming hunters with any pertinent information should contact Sara DiRienzo (307-777-4540).

The state’s confirmation comes on the heels of Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed at National Elk Refuge After Initial Fears.

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[Source: WGFD, press release]