Duck Commander Teases New Duck Calls in Latest Update: ‘Testing Out Our New Line’

by Will Shepard

Duck Commander is teasing some new duck calls in an Instagram post. Duck Commander is owned and operated by Phil Robertson, the star of Duck Dynasty.

While the show has been doing incredibly well in its eleven seasons, the store is doing even better. Duck Commander’s reach is arguably broader than the show. Even though the show is incredibly popular, there are certainly duck hunters out there who don’t watch but still use Duck Commander to get all their duck hunting needs filled.

So, Duck Commander takes to Instagram to show off some new duck callers for their fans. Undoubtedly, the company is working to sell the callers, but the picture is also an awesome action shot.

“Testing out our new line of calls for 2021. Can you spot them?”

Well, there are at least five different duck calls on the rope. While each duck caller is certainly different, fans of Duck Commander are impressed with the wide variety of types hanging from his neck. However, these callers look like they are all primarily for Mallards.

Each caller has its own purpose. Whether they are for types of ducks – Geese, Wood Ducks, Mallards, or anything else – the callers also produce different calls. These calls vary from quacks, whistles, feeding calls, pleading calls, or even mating calls. Regardless, each of the callers around his neck are useful and serve a specific purpose.

A Little History About Duck Commander

Duck Commander isn’t only limited to duck hunting though, they also share things on all things hunting. Whether is it hunting for big game or smaller game, they are worth keeping up with.

They have great recipes on how to cook all kinds of varieties of meat. The guys also share videos and tips on how to go about hunting for specific animals. So, the company deals with all things hunting, not just ducks.

Willie Robertson says that Duck Commander is for everyone.

“We wanted to create a family-oriented exhibition, perfect for all ages that would engage and entertain families and duck hunters alike.”

But, the history of the company stretches farther than simply appealing to all hunters. The family business began as just that, a family love of duck hunting. The Robertsons began teaching their kids how to hunt by teaching their boys how to make homemade duck callers.

In fact, they would get the Robertsons to dip the duck callers into a five-gallon bucket of polyurethane. The family all grew up hunting around the state of Arkansas, a pristine duck hunting place in America.

It makes a lot of sense that Phil Robertson and Duck Commander perfectly embody the outsider mentality. They work hard to perfect their craft. The family thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, soaking up every piece of information they can get their hands on.

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