Extremely Rare Female Deer With Antlers Bagged by Ohio Hunter

by Will Shepard

An Ohio hunter harvested a deer that he won’t likely forget anytime soon. The long-time hunter was hunting on his land in Hardin County, Ohio when he took down a deer nine-point deer. Which, by any standard, is a nice deer.

However, the Ohio hunter was in for a surprise when he went to sex the deer. It turns out that the deer he shot was a doe. While this is exceedingly rare, this does actually happen occasionally.

The 45-year old hunter has been hunting for more than thirty years. In that time span, he has gotten both male and female deers within the respective season regulations. However, this year’s deer is different.

The Ohio hunter stood in his tree stand looking out over a herd of deer below him. He says that he picked out the largest one with antlers and pulled the trigger. Consequently, he fills his tag and goes over to the deer triumphantly.

Ohio Hunter Finds Velvet on the Deer’s Antlers

However, thirty minutes later, after the group got to the deer and began to examine it, they realized something was different. In fact, the deer still had velvet on its antlers. This is uncommon for deer as they shed their velvet during the rut.

Even though some don’t shed the velvet, it usually comes off when the bucks fight. So, after talking to the rest of his group, they decide to sex the deer.

“He told me to check the sex of the deer, and it was a female. I had no idea it would turn into this.”

The Ohio hunter, Todd Harsh, continues talking about how crazy this experience was for him. He mentions that he talked with a biologist about the phenomenon.

“I talked to a biologist from the Division of Wildlife, and he said there have been three antlered does [harvested] this year in Ohio. One was a record-setter, and the other was a small ‘button-doe.’ It sure didn’t look like a doe.”

This harvesting is not unusual when compared to a typical buck. A lot of bucks have similar antler point totals. To cap it all off, the Ohio hunter estimates that the doe weighed between 150 and 175 pounds.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that unlike male deer if a doe grows antlers they never shed. So, a doe’s antlers will continue to grow until the deer dies.

[H/T Lima Ohio]