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Four Elk Killed, Two Left to Waste in Latest Idaho Poachings

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Wildlife officials discovered four elk to be illegally killed and left to waste in Gooding County, Idaho.

According to the Idaho Fish and Game Department, on Nov. 25, officers found a small bull elk five miles north of Bliss near Clover Creek Road. Additionally, officers determined someone killed the bull that afternoon. The suspect then left the majority of the elk to waste.

Officers know the person suspected of the crime is a male wearing a red flannel at the time of the incident.

Officers believe the second incident happened just two days later, on Nov. 27. Officers found the second elk in the same area of Idaho.

This time, a spike elk had been shot and left to waste when officials found the elk.

Officers also determined that the two other animals had been killed close to the bull after inspecting evidence of gut piles at the scene. Officers believe the person of interest executed all three of the deer at the same time.

“Investigating poaching cases is often difficult,” according to Senior Conservation Officer Austin Dupuis. “Physical evidence is often lacking we have to rely on the help of the public who might have seen something that will help us solve the case. I want to encourage anyone with knowledge about either of these cases to give me a call.”

More Illegal Elk Slayings Found In Tennessee

Moreover, in Tennessee, Wildlife agencies have officially doubled the reward to $5,000 to find out who killed an elk in Claiborne County.

In December, a hunter found an elk’s carcass in the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area and immediately contacted the T.W.R.A.

Officers found parts of the deer that had been removed, including its head, making them believe it was an antlered bull. According to officials, they believe the suspect shot the animal late December.