Hunter Finally Lands 241-Inch Buck After Tracking It for 4 Years

by Chris Haney

After four long years, an Ohio resident finally landed a buck with 241-inch antlers that he had been tracking for years.

According to local news station WTOL‘s Silas Tsang, the hunter, Jason Kline, is an avid outdoorsman. The Green Springs native hunted the massive buck for the last four years in the Sandusky County area. In fact, the male deer was so large that locals gave it a name – Herman.

During the last few years, Kline said he would often see Herman on property where hunting was not allowed. The estimated 8-year-old deer seemed to have a sixth sense about staying in areas where hunters could not take him. Kline said that Herman was so difficult to hunt, that he lost sleep over the thought of the deer.

“A deer this size is considered a world-class deer,” Kline said. “You lose sleep over things like this, you second guess everything. You should have hunted more. I should have tried this, I should have tried that.”

The Ohio hunter did have one legitimate chance to shoot Herman, which came last year during gun season. However, his aim was off and the huge buck got away once again.

“Last year during gun season, I did get him into gun range. I just wasn’t a good shot. It wasn’t good circumstances. Unfortunately, I had to let him walk,” Kline explained. “That was the only time I really had a chance to take a shot at him in the four years that I hunted him.”

Kline Finds the Buck and Claims His Enormous Antlers

The well-known deer seemed to disappear around October of last year. Kline said he thinks that’s when Herman passed away from natural causes. Around two weeks ago, the hunter came across Herman’s carcass and recognized the remains immediately. He may not have tracked and shot the buck like he wanted to, but he claimed Herman’s prized antlers nonetheless.

Multiple friends of the Kline family have made sure to stop by to see Herman’s impressive 241-inch antlers. Additionally, the hunter’s children have gotten a kick out of people stopping by to see their dad’s big find. He said they love showing off the buck’s antlers just as much as he does.

“They get super excited when people stop over the house to look at the deer,” said Kline. “That’s really cool. They like showing it off to people.”

After four years of tracking the buck, Kline said finding Herman’s remains felt like the equivalent of winning the lottery. His wife amusingly said she would’ve preferred that her husband won the actual lottery instead. Yet after years of hard work tracking Herman, the hunter still feels like a million dollars.