Hunting Gear You’re Probably Forgetting to De-Scent and Why It’s Important to Check

by Will Shepard

Hunting season is almost year-round. Even though the season’s change and cycle, keeping your hunting gear scent-free is always an important thing to do. Most hunters know how important it is to make sure that their things are scent-free.

However, even the most experienced hunters sometimes don’t remember to keep their gear scent-free. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most important hunting gear items to make sure are scent-free. A lot of these items aren’t pieces of gear that are at the forefront of people’s de-scenting process.

Always use de-scenting spray and cleaner that is healthy for the environment. That is something that is often overlooked, but some things can be extremely toxic to the environment you hunt in.

5 Extra Important Hunting Gear Items to De-Scent

The first piece of hunting gear is your boots. Not only do your feet smell bad, but you also walk through a ton of things that can introduce foreign smells. So, before you head out, spray down your boots, even rubber ones. Make sure that you spray the soles and the laces.

The next hunting gear item to de-scent is your hat. The hat you love to take out into the field to hunt with can smell absolutely terrible. Make sure you wash it, or at the very least, spray it down so you don’t let the deer five miles from you smell it.

Almost as smelly as your feet can be your hands. So, it is incredibly important to wash your gloves. Gloves, especially in cold weather, are an essential piece of hunting gear. They help trap the smell of your hands in their fabric. Wash your favorite gloves regularly and spray them down before heading out on a hunt.

Face-masks help on cold days, and just as gloves, trap a ton of our scent that hunters emit from their breath. So, washing this piece of hunting gear is essential to staying scent-free in the field. You can even get a mask that is designed for keeping scent out of the air.

Surprisingly or not, an incredibly stinky part of your hunting gear is your trusty backpack. Backpacks not only can trap a lot of sweat from your back and waist, but also all of the things that get put inside. Make sure to wash your bag thoroughly after packing meat out and every so often over the season. Otherwise, make sure to spray down your back and the straps before you head out.

5 More Important Pieces of Hunting Gear to De-Scent

One of the most underrated pieces of hunting gear that can go unnoticed is the bow release or finger tabs. Additionally, in that same vein, is a gun’s trigger and stock. Whenever you shoot with a bow or a gun, your fingers are all over certain spots on the weapon. So, spray it properly making sure to not hurt the gear.

Next is the arm guard for your bow. Those bow hunters that use this piece of gear should make sure to clean this item, as your scent is all over this item.

Surprisingly, your bow quiver is something that can get quite stinky. Especially if you kill an animal and don’t clean the arrow thoroughly. The quiver can also smell really strongly of human scent, and quivers can hold scent for a long time. So, clean it well.

The next piece of hunting gear to de-scent is your gun and bow case. Scent often times transfers easily from the case to your bow or gun. But, clean it carefully and make sure not to damage the case.

The last hunting gear item to de-scent thoroughly is your gun and bow slings. As they hang on your shoulder for long periods of time, they can end up being really smelly.

The last thing you, as a hunter, want to do is head into the field with stinky gear. Clean everything well and spray it down if you can’t send it through the wash.

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