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The Epic Hunting Stories Of The Pawn Shop Shotgun: Episode 3 – Mossy Oak

by Brett Stayton
Pawnshop Shotgun Episode 3
Photo courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation

The Pawn Shop Shotgun storyline opened with an introduction to the concept behind the 12-part video series. Then Jay Siske with Out Here Co. and Gary Stanton from Muscadine Bloodline picked out a rugged old pump action from a pawn shop. Siske then teamed up with Austin Sills from Spring Legion to get after some Alabama gobblers. In Episode 2 the shotgun was in the hands of one of the most interesting names in the outdoors industry, Lake Pickle. Pickle handles multimedia marketing for one of the most high-tech brands in the outdoor industry, On X Hunt. 

Next up is a visit to the town of West Point and the Mossy Oak Headquarters for a hunt with Daniel Haas. He’s the son of Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas and grandson of one of the most legendary turkey hunters of all time, Fox Haas.

Let’s see if he can put a little Mississippi magic into that old shotgun’s new hunting legacy. In this episode, you can also see that each of the hunters is also signing the stock of the gun with a sharpie to further add to its mystique and artifactual allure.

The Pawn Shop Shotgun Makes A Visit To Mossy Oak Headquarters

In Episode 3, The Pawn Shop Shotgun heads to one of the major hubs of the entire hunting industry. It’s a visit to Mossy Oak headquarters. Daniel Haas welcomes viewers in and provides some historical context for the founding of Mossy Oak. They walk through the origins of Mossy Oak brand camo, starting with the earliest sketches to the first products coming to life. He also showcases some of the original Mossy Oak camo pieces. That includes several items that were custom-made by his grandma for his grandpa, Mr. Fox Haas.

Stormy weather keeps the birds quiet on the morning of their hunt. With such a tight schedule to get the Pawn Shop Shotgun to all its scheduled hunts around the country, one day in the woods was all they had. Though the hunting action might not have been too hot, the conversation between Jay and Daniel is worth tuning into.

Much of the chat focuses on Mossy Oak’s all-new Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp. It’s a modern spin on a classic conservation funding tool that Mossy Oak has brought back to life. Mossy Oak’s commitment to conservation goes deeper than that though. They’ve been a long-time big-time sponsor of the National Wild Turkey Foundation. Wild turkey conservation is actually engrained in the foundation of Mossy Oak. If not for Mr. Fox Haas’s proactive efforts to conserve the dwindling, southern wild turkey populations in the 1970s, America’s turkey hunting culture might not be as alive and well as it is today. They also discuss Mossy Oak Gamekeepers, which is the land management and wildlife conservation branch of the Mossy Oak company tree.

Next Up Is A Hunt With Muscadine Bloodline

The Pawn Shop Shotgun heads back home to Tennessee for Episode 4. Next up is a hunt with a couple of Alabama boys. Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton are a part of the two-man band known as Muscadine Bloodline. Their new album just dropped too. So we’ll be taking a deep dive into that too. Their turkey hunting adventure with The Pawn Shop Shotgun might be the best video yet, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a look at the music video for one of the new songs off that album:

Muscadine Bloodline / YouTube