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The Epic Hunting Stories Of The Pawn Shop Shotgun: Episode 4 – Muscadine Bloodline

by Brett Stayton
Muscadine Bloodline Turkey Hunt
Photo courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation

The Pawn Shop Shotgun storyline opened with an introduction to the concept behind the 11-part video series. At the very beginning of it all, Jay Siske with Out Here Co. and Gary Stanton from Muscadine Bloodline picked out a rugged old pump action from a pawn shop. Austin Sills from Spring Legion then used the gun to drop the hammer on an Alabama gobbler. In Episode 2, the gun was down in Mississippi for a hunt with Lake Pickle. Pickle handles multimedia marketing for one of the most high-tech brands in the outdoor industry, On X Hunt. Then for Episode 3, the gun went afield with Daniel Haas. He’s the son of Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas. Although that hunt was unsuccessful, the visit to the Mossy Oak headquarters is worth watching. Episode 4 of the series features Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster from the band Muscadine Bloodline.

When Stanton and Muncaster get together on stage or to write a song, the result tends to be pretty spectacular. Especially lately. The musical momentum of Muscadine Bloodline is absolutely surging right now with the release of their new album. It turns out that when those guys team up for a turkey hunt too, the results are also pretty awesome.

The Pawnshop Shotgun Doubles Up On Birds With Muscadine Bloodline

Gary Stanton is one of the most hardcore turkey hunters in the music industry. More recently, he got Charlie Muncaster hooked on it too. When those two teamed up with Jay Siske for the Pawn Shop Shotgun hunt, things went better than they could have even been scripted. They got on birds early in the morning and when Gary hit his calls, a few hot gobblers came sprinting in. Just as the lead bird attacked the decoy spread, Muncaster pounded it with a shotgun shell. One of the gobblers was undeterred and hung around. That left enough time for Charlie to hand the old pump action over to his bandmate. Stanton then made the gun go boom and dropped a gobbler of his own. With that, the Pawn Shop Shotgun got its first double on the board.

The hunt happens fast, but the follow-up conversation provides additional context for the series of events that unfolds as the video opens. The boys also talk about leveraging their music platform to help support wild turkey conservation as well. Their passion for turkey hunting and appreciation for these awesome birds is obvious when you hear the excitement in their voices. They had no intention of doubling up on birds, but sometimes a hunt goes even better than you could have dreamed it.

Muscadine Bloodline Recently Dropped New Album Teenage Dixie

Sometimes you have high expectations for a musical project too, and then it turns out even better than you could have ever expected. At the very beginning of 2023, Muscadine Bloodline announced that they would be releasing a new album on February 24th. There was a ton of hype surrounding the project. It seems to have not only lived up to that hype but exceeded some of it. It’s no doubt one of the best albums of the year.

Muscadine Bloodline set the stage for the type of storytelling they focused on with the project. “Teenage Dixie is a collection of stories with an eccentric underlying tone based in the south. Some are autobiographical, some are true in history books, some are fables about real figures, while some are stories told from a grandson of a man who is larger than life,” said the boys from the band. “Regardless of this being inspired by the south, we are all a product of our raising and shaped by our upbringing. This record incorporates some of our favorite elements of a place that, for some, is anything but stereotypical.”

Outsider previously previewed several of the tracks back in January when the announcement about the album was made. But in celebration of turkey season, let’s dive into a few more.

A Deeper Look At Some Of The Highlight Tracks From That Album

Azaela Blooms is a classic-sounding southern love song. The beautiful site of azaleas blooming in the south means springtime has officially arrived. The lyrics of the song lay out several other of the most beautiful sites and sounds of southern culture, including the sunrise from the woods on a turkey hunt and the Gulf waters on a fishing trip. However, the girl who stars as the muse for this music is so pretty that she surpasses all else mentioned in the song.

The best storytelling from the album shines through on two songs, Old Man Gillich and Devil Died in Dixie. The first is about an outlaw from the deep south capable of pulling enough strings to make anything happen. The song describes Old Man Gillich as a guy that had to “pay off the cartel, pay off the Coast Guard, pay off the governor, to pay off the truck.” Devil Died in Dixie is a continuation of the storyline from Devil Went Down To Georgia. Apparently, after he lost that fiddle duel in Georgia, the Devil went next door to Alabama. The Devil was looking for revenge, but instead, he met a man with a switchblade who buried him in the ground.

Pocketful of 90’s Country is one of those songs that just puts you in a good mood. It’s an absolute honky tonk heater that pays tribute to many of the country legends that Muncaster and Stanton grew up listening to. It includes shoutouts to 90’s country music stars like Tracy Lawrence, Tracy Byrd, Travis Tritt, John Michael Montgomery, Mark Chestnutt, Brooks & Dunn, Joe Diffie, George Strait, Clint Black, Sammy Kershaw, The Dixie Chicks, Deana Carter, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, and Martina McBride. The music video is also absolutely hilarious.

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