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The Epic Hunting Stories Of The Pawn Shop Shotgun: Episode 5 – Spring Legion

by Brett Stayton
Pawnshop Shotgun #5

On the previous episode of The Pawnshop Shotgun, Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton from the jam-making band Muscadine Bloodline doubled up on Gobblers. The article also took a deep dive into their new album while they also discussed using their music platform to promote wild turkey conservation. Things continue to come full circle in Episode 5. Stanton also made a cameo in Episode 1 when he helped pick out the lucky pump action. The gun’s first hunt took place with Austin Sills with Spring Legion. Episode 5 features another hunt with a member of the Spring Legion team, this time with Hunter Farrior.

If you missed Episode 2 with Lake Pickle from OnX Hunt or Episode 3 with a visit to the Mossy Oak headquarters with Daniel Haas, then check ’em out. And now get ready for another great hunt and a closer look at the Spring Legion brand.

More Information About Spring Legion

The Georgia-based Spring Legion brand is still pretty new to the outdoor industry, having been founded in 2019. Spring Legio is a great example of a new-age digital media brand. Their goal was to harness the power of the internet to bring together the most obsessed and hard-core turkey hunters. Their online shop paired with compelling content creation has done just that. The Spring Legion logo represents not just some apparel that people wear, but it instead represents those people themselves. Spring legion represents the heritage, authenticity, and traditions that America’s turkey hunting culture was founded and built on.

Spring Legion is big on wild turkey conservation. That much is evident by their deeply intertwined involvement with the National Wild Turkey Foundation, Turkeys For Tomorrow, The Low Country Game Bird Foundation, and more great groups.

The founder of Spring Legion is a guy named Hunter Farrior. In 2021 he released a book titled Ballad of Turkey Hunter. The book has since become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Farrior’s writing furthers the notion of woodsmanship, tactics, and inopportune situations which complement the learning curves of hunting the wild turkey. It continued to detail the foundation upon which the Spring Legion brand was founded.

Farrior is also the host of the Spring Legion Podcast. The show highlights different stories, tactics, and special guests. The objective of the podcast, like all other realms of content produced by Spring Legion, is to stress the importance of fair chase and enlighten the gratitude found in the humbling of nature and challenges faced while hunting. By most metrics, it’s an all-around top 10 podcast in the hunting space.

Hunter Farrior Takes The Pawn Shop Shotgun Afield

In Episode 5 of the Pawn Shop Shotgun, the shows host Jay Siske with Out Here Co. takes the gun back to Alabama for a hunt with Hunter Farrior, the founder of Spring Legion. It doesn’t take long for those guys to get set up some birds. A little light calling eventually brings the hen in close with the two gobblers following warily close behind. It’s a slow, slow hunt, but sometimes that’s the way chasing gobblers goes. Farrior lets a shot rip, and like his Spring Legion compadre before him, he also misses. That’s all part of the hunting experience though. As he says, “if you ain’t missed a turkey then you ain’t shot at enough”

Following the hunt, Siske and Farrior sit down, take a load off, and recap their hunt. Then they take a deeper dive into Hunter Farrior’s book, the Ballad of A Turkey Hunter. And be sure you stay tuned for Episode 6, as The Pawnshop Shotgun heads down to West Texas for a hunt with a fast-rising country music cowboy named Randall King.

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