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The Epic Hunting Stories Of The Pawnm Shop Shotgun: Episode 7 – NFL Punter Logan Cooke

by Brett Stayton
Logan Cooke with The Pawn Shop Shotgun
Photo courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation

Fresh off smoking a bird in Texas with country music cowboy Randall King, the Pawnshop Shotgun was then to Florida for its next hunt. So far, the old pump action has been taken afield by outdoor industry leaders and country music singers. In Episode 7, the gun teams up with athlete Logan Cooke for the first time. Full summaries of where the gun has been and who it’s hunted with are getting pretty lengthy at this point, so if you’re behind and looking to catch up just go rewind with Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6.

The punter is an interesting position in football. You’re the one guy that the fans never actually want to see on the field. When the punter trots onto the field, it means the offense has sputtered out and the other team is getting the ball back. However, a good punter can change field position and pin an opposing offense deep, which helps the defense. A good punter is an absolute weapon. Logan Cooke from the Jacksonville Jaguars is a good punter. He’s also a good hunter.

Cooke was born and raised in Mississippi which is obviously a major hub for the great outdoors. After punting collegiately at Mississippi State University, he was drafted by the Jaguars in the 7th round in 2018. Since then he’s kicked the football 339 times, pinning 133 of those punts inside the 20-yard line. He’s racked up 15,936 punting yards too, for an average of 47 yards per attempt. He’ll continue to be the Jags’ punter for the foreseeable future. In 2021 he signed a 4 year $12 million contract extension.

When Logan Cooke Is Punting He’s Probably Hunting

His appearance on The Pawn Shop Shotgun actually isn’t the first time Logan Cooke has been featured in a National Wild Turkey Federation film production. In 2020 he was featured in a segment on their Turkey Call series. He opens the video by comparing hunting and football in terms of the hard work and preparation it takes to succeed in both activities. Cooke then heads out to the forest in Florida with his bow looking to stick an arrow in a bird and provides a great look at his background in both hunting and football.

He also shows off his favorite wild turkey recipe while frying up some nuggets. He also introduces his wife Mary with the amazing description of “she’s the perfect amount of classy and perfect amount of redneck.” His wife is also his favorite hunting buddy, and she’s even killed a bigger buck than her husband has. She then joins him in the blind for his next hunt. Cooke trades in the bow for a shotgun and eventually slams a bird with his wife right by his side.

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Taking The Pawnshop Shotgun To Kentucky And Tennessee

With his turn with The Pawn Shop Shotgun ready to go, Logan Cooke and show host Jay Siske From Out Here Co. initially head to Kentucky and get set up on a roosted bird before sunrise. However, the bird pitches down across the river and onto the neighbor’s property. The two then pack up and dip below the state line for a mid-morning hunt in Tennessee. No luck on that hunt though, so they bounce back to Kentucky to hunt a day later. No luck on that hunt either though.

Cooke then sits down for a conversation with Siske and reiterates that sometimes striking out what makes hunting so fun. It makes it all the more magical when the stars do align and a run of good luck leads to a successful hunt. Their talk about hunting then leads to a focus on conservation. Cooke talks about how focusing on the conservation aspect of hunters helps him explain why he does it to some of his teammates who don’t understand hunting. Then he signs the gun and sends it to a legend in the world of turkey hunting. Stay tuned for more.