The ‘Louisiana Freak’: The Story of the Most Bizarre Buck You’ll Lay Eyes On

by Halle Ames

In 1958 Sammy Walker took down one of the most bizarre-looking bucks you will ever see, let alone shoot. The animal hardly even looked like a deer when Walker went to claim his prize.

An animal that Larry Huffman, of the Legendary Whitetail collection, only can describe as having the body of a deer, but something else on top.

The buck is known as a cactus buck, and within its massive and oddly shaped antlers, it had caught Spanish moss and other vines and branches. It sounds like something right out of Scooby-Doo.

On the morning of January 2, 1958, Sammy Walker, known as Peanut, took his four hunting dogs and went out into the freezing Louisiana morning for a hunt. After his dog started to corral in a buck, Peanut pulled out his Stevens 12-gauge pump shotgun and fired one shot at the buck’s broadside. The strange animal immediately dropped.

How Big was the ‘Louisiana Freak’ Buck?

In all, the buck had 22 points on its right side and another 26 on its left. The largest spread measured in at 28 inches.

According to White American Whitetail, if you are “not counting any main beams, spread or circumference measurements, the rack has 190 3/8 inches of antler.”

It also weighted more than ten pounds.

“It occurs in nature when an animal does not have testicles,” said Huffman. “Sometimes they’re neutered accidentally by getting caught into a fence. There’s been cases where they’re even born without testicles. Once that happens to a deer, they never shed their antlers. They never shed their velvet.”

Cactus buck are forbidden from being scored into the record bucks due to not having any main beams. In the end, it would be rejected after the determination that the deer was a “freak” and non-scorable. This animal has an excess of bone and mass, as well as main beams that drooped, making the buck all the stranger.

Regardless, the buck will go down in the record books one way or another for being such an odd creature.