Michigan Has Successful Elk Hunting December, Hunter Tells Story of Chase

by Will Shepard

Michigan’s December 2020 was a great month for elk hunting. In December alone, 131 elk hunters worked with the state of Michigan to manage the elk herds. All in all, those Michigan hunters report harvesting 132 total elks.

While the overall number is great, the breakdown of those numbers is important as well. 47 bulls, 72 cows, and 13 calves were taken during December in Michigan.

During Michigan’s second elk management period, the hunt targeted some counties in the state. Those counties include Presque Ile, Montmorency, Cheboygan, Otsego, Alpena, Oscoda, Charlevoix, Alcona, and Crawford counties.

The first elk hunting season in Michigan is from September to October. Again, these hunts are to specifically help the Michigan Department of Natural Resources manage the elk populations.

It is important that these hunts happen because elk are doing exceedingly well in Michigan. In fact, the elk are spreading far beyond their traditional range. So, these hunts are working to control the populations and push the elk back into their standard range.

Michigan’s December Elk Hunting

The December elk hunting in Michigan is only nine days long. During the small hunting window, the weather was excellent for elk hunting.

Consistently the temperatures were below freezing. Additionally, there were multiple light snowfalls in those nine days. When these two factors blend, it makes finding and tracking elk simple. Elk don’t expend much energy and typically stay with a small range when it is that cold.

The elk hunting in Michigan, as it is in almost every state, is limited to tag numbers. So, those who want to harvest an elk need to get lucky and draw a tag for one.

In particular, one lucky hunter talks about his experience during the second Michigan elk season. Brent Tackett says that the hunting was “nearly ideal.”

“This was truly the experience of a lifetime, plus, I was blessed that I shot my elk successfully. I really didn’t know Michigan had so many steep hills and that I would have to track elk over hundreds of them. The prize was getting my elk in a successful hunt. It was an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

The Michigan elk hunter was lucky enough to shoot a cow elk during his hunting excursions. Additionally, he says that getting to shoot the elk was a lot of work, even with the help of his hunting guide. After shooting the elk, he took a picture with the animal, smiling ear to ear.

“You will see the woods in back of the picture that is the type of woods I shot through, over 120-yards up on a hill where the elk was momentarily standing.”

All in all, the two periods of elk hunting resulted in 214 elk. Moreover, the three Pure Michigan Hunt winners each harvested bull elk.

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