Military Waterfowl Hunting: South Carolina Announces February Dates

by Atlanta Northcutt

If you’re a current member of the military or veteran in South Carolina, the time to hit the beautiful outdoors hunting waterfowl is now.

South Carolina’s Waterfowl Days

The first opportunity to participate in the Military Waterfowl Days is this Saturday. If you’re unable to head out on the 6th then don’t fear. Feb. 13 will be the next opportunity to hunt the local waterfowl throughout South Carolina.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources allows any individual who’s ever been part of the military to participate in this early hunt. These types of waterfowl include ducks, geese, mergansers, coots, moorhens, and gallinules found in the state.

What to Bring With You

There are documents necessary to bring with you on these days. Hunters must provide a valid South Carolina hunting license, Migratory Bird Permit, and a valid Federal Waterfowl Stamp. A Military ID is also needed in order to search the vast horizons of the waters.

Of course, bring your favorite hunting equipment and supplies in order to have the best hunt possible.

However, the possession of daily bag limits is the same as throughout the rest of the year. One person can only bag two of these waterfowl each day.

A Perfect Family Outing

These days are also perfect for a family outing between an active military member or veteran to bring someone under the age of 18. The natural habitat is available for exploration while heading into the wilderness together. Take the time to sharpen up skills, have a teaching experience, and discover the abundance of waterfowl found there.

Hunting enthusiasts 17 years of age or younger have the ability to hunt on these days. This makes for a family-friendly bonding experience. You must go with the kiddo since any minor must be with a person who’s 18 or older. The youngsters must also possess a valid South Carolina hunting license, Migratory Bird Permit, and a valid Federal Waterfowl Stamp.

If you’d like to do a solo hunt or go with a fellow military member to enjoy the gift of experiencing an early hunt, go for it! The state stresses you don’t have to bring an underage hunter to participate in the evens.

Enjoy the day, take in some fresh air, and start the season off right. All the while, you can enjoy the hunt while finding appreciation and recognition of your service.