Mississippi Hunter Lands 165-Class Buck, Discusses Bittersweet Feeling of Finally Succeeding

by Will Shepard

A dream buck doesn’t come along too often. For one Mississippi hunter, this opportunity has a bittersweet ending. After chasing this particular buck for a long time, the hunt came to an end near dark.

Kyle Bobo had his sights set on a massive buck that he found on his land in late September. There were other big bucks in the area. In fact, he actually had gotten one earlier but was still searching for this massive buck.

“Last year my dad had just moved into a new house, and he saw the deer. He called me and said it crossed the road. He guessed it was 145ish last year when he crossed the road in front of him. I was already hunting another deer at another place. so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I ended up killing that deer, but it was nothing like this one.”

Mississippi Hunter Finally Finds the Giant

Just before the gun season opened in Mississippi, Bobo was out scouting when his father reported that he had a picture of a massive deer.

“He said it was a giant. He realized it was probably the same deer from last year.”

Consequently, pictures came flooding in of the deer. Even though the pictures were always at night, it was certainly evident this buck was special. However, no one could find this deer.

Likely, the buck was picking up lots of human scents and was being aided by the wind. The buck clearly was smart and was avoiding heavily trafficked areas. But eventually, the hunter found where he was bedding down at night.

“I was on the edge of a small pasture in some hardwoods. Eighty yards away was a cedar thicket, and that’s where he was staying. I knew I needed a straight west, northwest, or southwest wind to get away with it. I didn’t want to go in there on marginal wind. So, I always wait for the right wind.”

Even though Bobo knew where the buck was staying at night, the wind would always seem to spook the deer away. But in early December, the winds finally began cooperating.

Finally Getting His Shot

On December 4, Bobo got a picture of the buck just at daybreak. The rest of the day would finally prove to land the buck as the wind was working in his favor.

“That Friday I got in the stand after work at about 4:20. About 15 minutes after I got in the stand I heard a deer. I looked to my right and it was him. He was cruising for a doe with his nose to the ground coming straight to my tree. I told myself to, ‘Calm down. He doesn’t know you’re here. Just do your part.'”

After finally getting the deer close to him, he got his shot. The buck stopped moving at 30 yards away, and Bobo took him down.

This particular buck was a massive specimen. He was a main-frame 10-point buck, and he also scores just over 165 with 25-inch main beams. Additionally, the spread was just over 154 inches.

“It’s kind of hard to explain the feeling. It’s kind of bittersweet when you kill a deer like that. The hunt is over.”

After years of hunting this impressive buck, Bobo feels that it was well worth it. However, he’s still sad he can’t get to hunt that particular deer anymore. Nonetheless, it will certainly make a great wall mount.

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