Mississippi Hunter Successful After Two Years, Tells Story of Massive ‘Nine Lives’ Buck

by Will Shepard

A Mississippi hunter got the deer of a lifetime after the buck evaded him for years. The buck was a ten-pointer and the hunter had been tracking this animal since 2018.

The Mississippi hunter describes his epic escapade to finally harvest the deer as a once in a lifetime fight. He also says that the deer could evade and deflect bullets.

“I saw him for the first time in 2018. I hadn’t had a picture of him, but he popped out on a food plot about 300 yards away. My son could see him, but he was about 500 yards away. I shot at him and missed him.”

This was the first time Shane Mayon saw the buck, but it certainly would not be his last time. But he wasn’t the only person seeing this handsome buck. His neighbors and fellow Mississippi hunters were catching the trophy buck on game cameras as well.

Mississippi Hunter Looking for a Buck With Nine Lives

As the season closed, the buck remained alive, and the pictures kept coming in of the deer. Moreover, the buck was getting famous within the Mississippi hunter circle. He was quickly becoming a dream buck.

“Last year he liked smiling for the camera. He was on camera a good bit. Two of my buddies shot at him. One guy missed him twice, and the other one missed him once. He’d been shot at four times that I know of. He had nine lives for sure.”

Quickly, the legend of the buck grew, but the deer also did too. The ten-point buck, in 2019, had grown two more points and the locals began calling him “Hightower.” But for Mayon, the Mississippi hunter, the buck became all-consuming.

“He would keep me up at night thinking about him. I’d think about him constantly. My wife asked what was wrong with me.”

Mayon kept on looking for the buck, intent on harvesting him. And this year, the buck was getting photographed more. So, tracking him was getting easier, but still, the Mississippi hunter couldn’t seem to get to him.

“He always came into the plot right at dark, so I wanted to catch him earlier. I kind of pin-pointed where he entered the field, and I set up on a logging road.”

Even though the plan was solid, 2019 was not the year that Mayon was going to harvest the deer. However, “Hightower” was still hopeful.

At Long Last, the Final Shot

Then, this year on December 4, the Mississippi hunter’s luck changed. Mayon found a large her of does grazing in a field, and suddenly he spotted the massive, tell-tale antler rack.

It was late in the afternoon, close to the end of the hunting day.

“I picked a little spot between two trees about 24 inches wide and as soon as I saw brown I put the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger.”

However, the buck didn’t go down and instead trotted off into the woods. So, Mayon sat in his stand wondering how he could possibly have missed the east shot.

Finally, he got out of the stand and went to see if he had actually hit the shot. But tracking the deer resulted in nothing, no blood remnants, just an empty forest.

However, after he began looking harder, he realized that the buck was still around. So, he took another shot at the deer. This time “Hightower” went down. Immediately, he was emotional about the kill.

“All I could say was, ‘I got him. I got him,’ and a few expletives, of course. I called my wife, and she laughed because I started sobbing like a baby, which I’ve never done before. It was a different feeling. The work paid off; all the hours and hours of hunting and all the photos.”

Three seasons of hunting finally paid off, and the buck scored a 171 with a 24-inch spread between its antlers. This marks a trophy buck by any standard, and one the Mississippi hunter won’t encounter again anytime soon.

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