Missouri Hunters Harvest Nearly 300,000 Deer This Hunting Season

by Keeli Parkey

The most recent deer hunting season was a successful one for the state of Missouri.

According to a report by Fox News, deer hunters in Missouri harvested more deer this year than last year. Citing figures from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the news outlet said 296,516 deer were harvested there during the most recent hunting season. Animals harvested included bucks, button bucks, and does. The report also states that 285,873 deer were harvested during the previous hunting season.

“Although harvest was down slightly during the November portion of firearms deer season when most of the deer harvest occurs, increases in most of the other season portions contributed to about a four-percent increase in this year’s total deer harvest over last year’s,” MDC Cervid Program Supervisor Jason Isabelle said. “The increased harvest is largely a reflection of increasing deer numbers throughout much of the state.”

According to Fox News, Missouri isn’t the only state to report increased hunting numbers during the most recent season. Arkansas has also reported an increase in hunting.

This report cites the coronavirus pandemic as a reason more residents were taking to the great outdoors to hunt. This, as well as, environmental conditions led to the increased deer harvest in Arkansas.

The number of deer harvested during the previous hunting season was 188,151, according to figures released by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. During the most recent season, a fairly significant increase occurred as 214,022 deer were harvested. The latest season broke the record for the number of animals harvested. The previous record was 213,487, which took place during the 2012-13 season, according to Fox News.

Deer Hunter Creates New Tracking App

Hunters across the country can benefit from a new app created by a Pennsylvania deer hunter. The app, known as TrophyTracks, allows hunters to keep track of their observations, field notes, photos, harvests, and weather information for hunting locations.

“I’ve been a whitetail hunter for years,” with years of experiences, explained Dan Hansel of Houtzdale, Pennsylvania. “But I have 25 deer stand locations and I’d wake up in the morning and try to decide, ‘Where should I hunt today?’”

It was his years of hunting experience that led Hansel to create the app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It allows hunters to log memories in a journal so they can predict where to be at the right when.

According to a previous report by Outsider.com, the app’s free memberships gives hunters an unlimited number of reports. However, it does limit how many photos hunters can save.

Statistics are a key part of the app. Using its technology, hunters can review reports from different stand locations. Then, the app will provide information about which stand offers the greatest chance for success.