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Multitool Monday: Opinel No.12 Explorer Outdoor Folding Knife

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo credit: Outsider Staff Writer Kayla Zadel)

This Opinel knife is just one of the brand’s many in the Outdoor series collection. In this Multitool Monday, we’re taking a look at the Opinel No.12 Explorer Outdoor Folding Knife.

This knife is attractive in its presentation and surprisingly functional. Unique in it is design and function, this knife is compact enough to fit literally anywhere.

Features of the Opinel No.12 Explorer Folding Knife

The Opinel No.12 Explorer Outdoor Folding Knife has five different features. From the sharp blade to the whistle and fire-starter, this knife is designed with the adventurous outdoorsman in mind.

The 5 Features Include:

  • Short, Robust Blade
  • 110-Decibel Whistle
  • Flint Fire-starter
  • Steel Cutting Hook
  • Metal Loop for Carrying

Additional Details

The four-inch blade folds out of the handle that’s fiber-reinforced to withstand extreme temperatures, knocks, and exposure to water. A circular “safety lock” twists around the middle of the knife to lock the blade in place. This feature all makes putting the blade away much easier than some other folding knives. The shortness of the knife ensures precise cutting.

The 110-decibel whistle comes in handy when encountering an emergency situation. Additionally, the fire-starter works perfectly when rubbed on the back of the knife blade.

(Photo credit: Outsider Staff Writer Kayla Zadel)

The steel cutting hook and metal loop for carrying are perhaps the most unique and interesting features of this French knife. The metal piece at the end of the handle slides back and forth. The middle orange-colored piece, also the fire-starter, acts as a lock for the hook. Sliding the metal piece to one side exposes the steel cutting hook. Pushing the orange piece back down secures to hook to cut twine and/or large game. Then moving it back to the other side reveals the hole for securing the knife to a lanyard or clip. The metal piece can also be pulled completely out of the handle for easy cleaning after each use.

Ranking the Opinel No.12 Explorer Folding Knife

Overall this Opinel Outdoor knife is functional and also very aesthetically pleasing. We give it five stars for function and quality.

When it comes to usability, we’re giving it four marks because of the easy in-and-out blade and whistle. However, it did take us a moment to learn how to move the cutting hook/metal loop at the end of the Opinel knife. A quick tutorial of using the fire-starter as a lock showed us the functionality of this product.

This multitool gets four stars for portability. It’s design is very sleek but it’s just a bit too big to carry as a pocket knife.

(Photo credit: Outsider Staff Writer Kayla Zadel)

However, this Opinel gets five stars for it’s value. The price of the knife is only $49.00.