Ohio White-Tailed Deer Hunters Benefitting From Extra Gun Weekend

by Madison Miller

Deer hunters received a little holiday surprise this weekend.

Ohio Deer Hunting Extended

Ohio hunters received an extra hunting weekend. Hunting for white-tailed deer ended on Sunday, Dec. 20. According to a News Watchman article, 15, 203 deer were hunted this weekend. In the weeklong session, the number was 71,650.

This year, more and more people are getting out to hunt. This is in large part due to the pandemic. It has caused more groups of people to resort to activities outside for entertainment.

“Hunting license and deer permit sales are on the upswing this year as more people are going out to deer hunt in Ohio. Our state’s deer herd is in excellent condition and it is great that this valuable resource is doing so well,” Division of Wildlife Chief Kendra Wecker said, according to News Watchman.

Some of the top counties for Ohio hunting were Tuscarawas, Ashtabula, and Knox. Muzzleloader season is coming from Jan 2-5. Also, the archery season is approaching in February.

Something that is slowly becoming a new standard for hunters is the addition of using apps while out in the fields.

New Technology

Hunters use HuntFish OH mobile app. This is the official app for the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources site, this app is a tool for hunters, anglers, and shooters. It allows communication to happen between individuals and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Hunters can submit game checks through the mobile app. It will include information on the date, type of animal, county, private or public land, and the method of killing.

The app can be used out of Wi-Fi. It will submit the game check once you are back in service.

Besides apps like this mostly used for game checks, other companies have come out with apps that help hunters during their hunt.

One of the most popular is TerraStride Inc. This app lets users select map views that range from satellite to aerial to other views. This app allows you to record sightings of game and create map boundaries.

Another popular app is onXmap/HUNT. This app is one of the best for allowing hunters to see property boundaries and parcel information.

If you’re looking for a weather-hunting app, Hunt HUNTLOGIC, LLC/ScoutLook is near the top of the list. From tracking wind direction to barometric pressure to moon phases, hunters can cater to the type of game they’re hunting, such as the white-tailed deer.