Oregon Hunters Up Reward for ‘Elk-Poaching’ Case

by Josh Lanier

Hunters in Oregon have upped the reward to find out who is behind poaching three elk in what wildlife officials called a “thrill-kill.”

The poachers shot and killed a bull elk, spike elk, and cow elk near the town of Sisters and left them to waste in late October, USA Today reported.

Hunters took up a collection to find and arrest the culprits behind the killings. A hunter first alerted the Oregon State Fish and Wildlife after he spotted the bull elk carcass on Oct. 30. While it is bull elk hunting season, the poacher had taken only the head and some shoulder meat. That was likely removed for a trophy, USA Today said.

Troopers found the spike elk, which is a young male whose antlers haven’t branched yet, two days later after another hunter called in a tip. They subsequently found it about 40 yards from the bull elk, KTVZ reported. Officials believe all three elk were killed around the same time.

Whoever killed the cow elk and spike elk left the carcasses untouched, KTVZ said. Leaving animals to waste is a crime in Oregon.

Anyone with information in the killings should contact the Oregon Fish and Wildlife TIP Line at 800-452-7888.

Colorado Investigating Moose Poaching Incident

Officials in Colorado have issued a reward to find who illegally shot and kill a moose in Park County between Dec. 15-18 and left the animal to rot. The poaching took place near Kenosha Pass.

A hunter alerted state wildlife officials to the cow moose’s carcass on Saturday, Dec. 19. The poachers had shot the moose and left it to spoil. Though someone had harvested the two hindquarters of the animal, state officials said.

“This was a senseless and disgraceful act that demonstrates a complete disregard for our state’s wildlife, and the parties responsible need to be held accountable,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Dawson Swanson.

The state agency is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this poaching case. People can make anonymous tips by calling Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648 or by email at [email protected]

Anyone in Colorado who sees someone a moose illegally harvested, trafficked, sold, or purchased should call the Denver office at 303-291-7227.