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Outsider Showcases ‘Gobblers-N-Guitars’ With Jordan Rowe

by Brett Stayton
Jordan Rowe Turkey Hunting
Photo courtesy of The 1% Media

Outsider is excited to showcase the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Gobblers-N-Guitars video series this spring. Two all-new episodes for 2023 will soon be in production down in Florida. In the meantime, the rewind through previous episodes rolls on. The first season included closer looks as the musical stories of Justin Adams, Brad Clawson, and Heath Sanders intertwined with live action from their collective time hunting turkeys together in Kansas back in 2021. All three of them were lucky enough to smoke a bird too. And now? Jordan Rowe.

Now it’s on to the 2022 spring turkey season. This time around, the Gobblers-N-Guitars series went down to Texas with Jordan Rowe, Jenna LeMaster, and Whitney Duncan. So let’s dive in with an all-new showcase of one of Georgia’s most talented up-and-coming young country music singers.

Jordan Rowe Teamed Up With Some Country Music Legends For First Big Hit

It’s always encouraging to see the younger generation of country musicians paying respects to some of the older fellas who helped pave the way for them. While still just in his early 20s, Jordan Rowe teamed up with a trio of household names old enough to be his dad for his first big song. The song is titled 10-4. For those of you that don’t speak trucker, that’s CB Radio lingo for something like “ok.” Or “affirmative,” or “damn right,” or “you got it, buddy.”

It’s a boot-stomping beer-drinking jam that sounds like it would fit in well at a honky tonk in the 1990s. Rowe’s vocals open the song and carry the chorus. Featured verses from Tracy Lawrence, Eddie Montgomery, and Rhett Akins only further add to the song’s generationally transcendent sound. The music video also shows off how much fun these guys had while putting the song together too.

10-4 ain’t Jordan Rowe’s only big-time collaboration though. Just in time for Mother’s Day last year, he teamed up with superstar Lainey Wilson for a song so sweet it just might make your mamma cry happy tears. Those two wrote the song Mamma Ain’t Jesus together. It’s an emotional ballad about the type of love you only find once in a lifetime. That’s the unconditional love you can only get from your mom. The premise is that “Mamma ain’t Jesus, but she’s a close second.” Juxtaposing that song with 10-4 provides great insights into Jordan Rowe’s depth and ability to write songs with a little something everyone can relate to. His debut album also includes a collaboration with another big-time name in the making, Ashland Craft. His tune Can’t In A Car is also one of the better “truck songs” you’ll hear.

He’s Got A Bad Case Of The Good Ole Boy Too

The title track from Rowe’s 2021 debut album lines up with the rowdy vibes from 10-4. His song Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy is as authentically country as can be and carries on the 90s sound he started cultivating in his collaboration with Lawrence, Montgomery, and Akins. The music video is also dripping with camouflage and shotguns, so it seemed too in line with the overall theme of this article not to share. Either you know what a “good ole boy” is without much more of an explanation or then there’s a good chance you ain’t one. A field full of gold and John Deere green, and the baddest girl you ever seen? Sign this good ole boy up for all of that.

He’s Also Using His Music To Support Local Farmers

While many musicians strengthen their brand through merchandise stamped with their own name or that of their band, Rowe is taking a different approach. His merchandise line is branded as “Support Local Farmers.” It’s a phrase that can be seen on his hat in the 10-4 music video. He’s trying to use his musical platform to give something back to the small-town rural communities reminiscent of the type of place where he grew up in Georgia. Considering he’s been on tour with the likes of Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Jon Pardi, Riley Green, Cole Swindell, Chris Janson, Jameson Rodgers, and Drew Parker, it sounds like he’s introduced some support for local farmers to some pretty damn big audiences already.

Get Amped Up For This Texas Turkey Hunt With Jordan Rowe

The Texas edition of Gobblers-N-Guitars was again made possible thanks to a generous sponsorship from  Winchester, one of the most historic firearms and ammunition manufacturers in America. Shine United and Hunt Stand also helped bring the awesome videos to life. Production of the videos was again done by The 1% Media.

The video opens with a smiling and awe-inspired Rowe celebrating the big spurs on the heels of the gobbler he just smacked. It then cuts to an interview where he introduces himself and talks about how the thriving music scene in the epic college town of Athens, Georgia helped kickstart his music career. He then recounts some of the earliest hunting memories that he made with his dad. He grew up mostly a deer hunting, but he started turkey hunting hard in high school. Then he gets his shotgun dialed in then the action is on.

As often happens on a hunt though, things go a little awry and he actually winds up shooting a gobbler left-handed even though he’d only ever shot a gun right-handed before. He makes a perfect shot though and drops the bird in a pile. Then he draws some comparisons between songwriting and turkey hunting before picking up a guitar and diving into another song off his album, The Good Ones Do. And damn, that song is a damn good one too.

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