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Outsider Showcases NWTF’s ‘Gobblers-N-Guitars’ With Brad Clawson

by Brett Stayton
Brad Clawson Turkey Hunting
Photo courtesy of The 1% Media

The culture of country music and hunting have long been intertwined. The foundation of both hunting and country music is storytelling. The National Wild Turkey Federation‘s (NWTF) Gobblers-N-Guitars video series seamlessly blends together adventurous turkey hunting stories and the music and stories of singers and songwriters. Outsider is providing support for the series by amplifying the videos to our digital audience. The music and stories of singer and songwriter Justin Adams were previously highlighted. During his hunt, he actually doubled up on birds with his buddy Brad Clawson.

So who is Brad Clawson? Let’s find out in this episode of Gobblers-N-Guitars. You may not have heard of him yet, but you’ve probably heard something he’s written.

Songwriting Runs In Brad Clawson’s Family Tree

When Brad Clawson picked up a six-string and started writing songs, you could say he was just carrying on a family tradition. His dad Rodney has written an impressive list of cuts for big-name artists like Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill, George Strait, Luke Bryan, and many, many more.

Brad Clawson definitely learned a thing or two from his father. He’s been a co-writer on some absolute smash hits. That list of songs includes Blanco County Rain by Parker McCollum, Now You Know by Jon Langston, Happy Does by Kenny Chesney, Drank Too Much by Willie Jones, and All I Need Is You by Chris Janson. His most notable cut is the song Up Down by Morgan Wallen and Florida Georiga Line. It’s the kind of song that blows up so big it can change a songwriter’s life. Clawson has also recently teamed up with up-and-comer Noah Hicks to put together the songs Trippin’ Over My Boots and I Can Tell You’re A Smalltown.

Turkey Hunting In Kansas With NWTF

The video opens with Brad Clawson introducing himself. He grew up in Texas. But in his part of the state, turkey hunting wasn’t a big part of the culture. When he moved to Tennessee, he started getting more and more into it. He mentions that magazines and YouTube videos were where he sourced much of his initial turkey-hunting knowledge. Clawson also likens using turkey calls to playing an instrument. He mentions that while calling you’re just trying to scratch out something the birds want to hear. It’s similar to songwriting in that you’re just trying to scratch out something the artists want to hear. And hopefully, record for an album.

Clawson mentions the heart-pounding anxiety of playing the waiting game when it comes to turkey hunting. He said it’s like you can hear your own heart beating in your ears, which is something that resonates with any hunter who has tried to stay calm in the heat of the moment. He was set up with his good buddy Justin Adams when they shot a double. It was the perfect hunt. Clawson said it was worth the several-year wait to finally shoot a bird.

He also focuses on something every hunter knows. The full experience isn’t just about pulling the trigger and shooting an animal. It’s more about making memories and hanging out with good people at hunting camp. He said he’ll remember everything building up to the hunt and all the jokes, laughs, and good vibes afterward. The video wraps up him with grabbing a guitar and diving into the absolutely gigantic hit song he helped co-write, Up Down.

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