Pennsylvania Hunter Shoots ‘Dream’ 11-Point Buck with Late Father’s Firearm

by Will Shepard

An Erie Pennsylvania hunter now hunts with his father’s 20-gauge autoloading shotgun. Karl Weixelmann’s father passed away, but he is carrying on the legacy of the late hunter.

The Pennsylvania hunter has had his eyes on a whitetail buck for over a year now. He’s been tracking the buck so much that he even gave the deer a name, “Nemesis.”

With the help of his father’s spirit, Weixelmann finally shot the deer on December 2 in Erie County. The hunter says that it was “the biggest whitetail I’ve ever seen.”

But, the Pennsylvania hunter doesn’t stop there. He adds that his father has been using the gun for a long while after seeing the idea in an article.

“It said you should do something different during deer season. One was to hunt deer with the handgun. Another was to hunt strictly from the ground. Another was to take a different gun with you instead of your normal rifle.”

So, Karl Weixlmann took the last suggestion to heart and began hunting with his father’s slug-gun. And with his brother’s help nicknaming the buck, the hunt was officially on. The nickname came about because of how many times Karl had seen the deer, but couldn’t get it.

The Pennsylvania hunter first saw the buck during the 2019 bowhunting season. Since then he’d been tracking it for a full year. The closest the hunt came to being finished was during 2020’s bowhunting season during the rut when the buck was trying to mate.

“As soon as I’d laid down my bow and took out my cell phone, this giant buck and a doe suddenly got off their bed. They were like 20 yards away from me. Talk about screwing up, but at least that’s how I knew he existed.”

Luck Turns Around for the Pennsylvania Hunter

So, he knew that the buck was still around, it was just a matter of getting back to him. Then, luck turned his way. An early-season snowstorm rolled in and the hunter could track the buck again.

During the surrounding time before the kill, Karl noticed that there were other people around where he was hunting. So, he chose to park at another location to make the least amount of noise. He talks about how well this decision paid off for him.

“I didn’t see ‘Nemesis,’ but I heard two shots come from the opposite road. Finally, I saw this giant rack above all this thick yellow grass moving from left to right 40 to 50 yards away down a deer trail.”

Karl’s Father’s Spirit Aids the Hunter

So, he worked the landscape carefully to get a clear shot at the buck. He took it, but the buck didn’t go down immediately. So, yet again, the Pennsylvania hunter took off to track the massive deer.

After a short while, he found some blood. Then, about 100 yards after there, he found the buck lying dead on the ground. Additionally, the spot was where Karl had harvest another incredibly large deer earlier. But, this 11-point buck was more special.

He also says that the bucks in Erie are getting bigger due to the hunting regulations becoming stricter.

“I can prove it with all the bucks I’ve killed over the years because of those antler restrictions. They’ve gotten bigger. I would say ‘Nemesis’ was definitely a trophy-caliber buck for public game lands.”

More importantly, though, he says that he feels his father was there with him helping this hunt. He also says that he won’t use the gun again.

“I think my dad was with me that day. It’s why I’ll never shoot that gun again. I’m retiring it.”

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