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Remington Country Launches ‘How To Turkey Hunt’ Video Series

by Brett Stayton
Remington Ammunition
Photo courtesy of Remington Ammunition

When most people in America think about firearms and ammunition, Big Green is one of the first brands that comes to mind. The Remington brand was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. At one point Remington was the largest rifle manufacturer in America. The Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle and Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun are two of the most iconic legendary and iconic firearms in American hunting folklore. Though impossible to prove, you could make the argument that no brand of gun or ammunition in the country has dropped more deer and turkey than Remington.

After years of turbulence on the business side of things, Remington Arms is still going strong when it comes to producing quality guns made in America. After supply chain and technical issues slowed the production of Remington Ammunition for a while, the company’s ammo production is back on track. As Remington Ammo continues to supply hunters and recreational shooters with all of their classic lines of ammunition, they’re also still modernizing the ammunition industry from an innovation and technology standpoint.

Last year Remington launched a revolutionary new turkey hunting shotshell with pellets made out of tungsten instead of lead. It’s a breakthrough that is letting turkey hunters unload with a higher number of pellets that hit way harder than older models of turkey hunting shotgun shells.

The Remington 870 Is Still The Ultimate Turkey Hammer

The beauty of Remington’s new ammunition is that it will still fire out of any good old shotgun you might find on the pawnshop gun rack or in the back of your grandpa’s gun cabinet. In fact, the classic Remington 870 is still one of the ultimate turkey-hunting hammers in American history. The gun debuted in 1950, a time when wild turkey populations were struggling mightily. The gun is an affordable and versatile workhorse that will keep shooting through the nastiest weather and dirtiest hunting conditions. You can pick one up now at pretty much any gun shop starting at about $400. You can find used editions for less than that depending on where you look. Nicer models of the gun will run you up closer to a grand.

Last year, Outdoor Life ran a collection of turkey guns through a series of tests and found the Remington 870 still outperformed more modern guns that cost as much as five times more than the old pump guns. Maybe no shotgun in history has hammered more gobblers into the dirt than the Remington 870, but that’s a fact that can’t be proven.

Remington’s How To Turkey Hunt Series Is Entertaining And Educational

Remington Country is the news and media extension of the Remington Ammunition brand. They work with an impressive lineup of outdoor industry media personalities and subject matter experts to highlight their ammunition in applicable ways. They teamed up with one of the biggest voices on YouTube when it comes to guns and ammunition, Adam Weis. He’s more popularly known as Mr. WhoTeeWho online. Through an all-new in-depth series of videos presented by Remington Country, Mr. WhoTeeWho walks viewers through a crash course in the basics of turkey hunting.

The introductory video below provides some background on turkey hunting and takes a closer look at Remington’s turkey loads. The six additional videos include information on turkey hunting safety, turkey hunting gear, turkey hunting tactics, how to scout turkeys, turkey hunting decoys, and common turkey hunting mistakes.

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