States Announce Additional Deer Seasons in January

by Clayton Edwards

If this year has been good for one thing, it’s hunting. The sport is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity. In many areas, hunters of all experience levels eagerly await deer season every year. Delaware’s deer season lasts until the end of January. In fact, three distinct deer seasons will take place after the new year.

States across the country are reporting some of the largest deer harvests in years. Delaware’s 2019-2020 season actually set their record for the biggest harvest. Last season, Delaware hunters bagged a total of 16,969 deer. There’s a good chance that this year will set a new record. These upcoming seasons will definitely help to push the 2020 harvest closer to a new record.

Delaware’s Deer Seasons for January

In 2021, deer hunters in the First State will have the opportunity to hunt with handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, bows, and crossbows. The variety of hunting styles allows a larger number of hunters to get out in the Delaware woods and put some venison in the freezer.

Handgun season kicks off right after the new year. This season runs from January second until January ninth. This does exclude Sunday the third, though. On that Sunday, only archery will be permitted.

Shotgun season starts on January sixteenth and ends on January twenty-fourth. This season does include Sundays.

Muzzleloader season starts the day after shotgun season ends. This season runs until the end of January and also includes Sundays.

Bowhunting will be allowed all month long. This includes the Sunday during handgun season. Hunters can use crossbows in Delaware.

During both shotgun and handgun seasons, hunters are permitted to use pistol-caliber rifles that fire straight-walled cartridges.

Other States for Late Season Hunting

Several states end their deer season at the end of December. There some states that allow for late-season hunting. For instance, Alabama allows some deer hunting into the middle of February. Virginia, which has one of the longest seasons in the country allows archery in certain areas as late as April.

In short, if you’re in one of those states with late-season hunting, you don’t need to hang up your gear just yet.