Students Are Taking Zoom Video Calls Out on Duck Hunts and Teachers Aren’t Amused

by Josh Lanier

We’ve all had to make changes to our routine during the coronavirus pandemic. It seems students have had it worst of all. Especially those who’ve had to attend classes virtually now. But some have found a way to make this change work for them. They’re taking their classrooms on a field trip — literally — and their teachers aren’t amused.

Videos have surfaced on social media recently showing some students taking their online classes with them into their duck blinds and on hunts. Getting lessons in life and math. Just make sure you’re on mute or prepare for your teacher to yell at you.

In another now-viral video, one Louisiana student interrupted his class’ lesson after he blasted a duck call and then fired three shots. His fellow classmates loved it, their teacher was less amused. She had to remind him to be more mindful of the mute button next time.


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The teacher covers her face, either in disappointment or to hide an understandable chuckle. “Okay, when you’re shooting, please mute yourself,” the teacher politely scolds the avid hunter.

People in the comments of the video were supportive. Some even said they’ve also taken their work into the field for hunts and hikes. They just needed to make sure to keep the WiFi signal strong.

“I’ve got a client who does “telework” out of the blind often, he has to make sure he has one of our blinds with decent internet,” one person wrote.

And while we at Outsider are completely behind getting outdoors during office hours. It’s important to make sure that you follow your school’s rules regarding showing firearms on camera. Some students have needlessly gotten into trouble for having guns appearing in the background of their Zoom videos. Some schools have even suspended students for just having toy guns in the frame.