TenPoint Releases New Havoc and Siege Crossbows for 2021: What to Know

by Matthew Wilson

TenPoint is kicking off the year with two new lines of crossbow sure to make any hunter happy. The company has created one of the fastest and most accurate bows on the market.

TenPoint announced the Havoc RS440 and the Siege RS410 for sale this year. Here’s everything you need to know about the two newest bows on the market.

Havoc RS440 is Both Accurate and Quick

With the Havoc RS440, TenPoint has created the weapon of choice on every hunter’s wish list. The company hails its newest creation as both the fastest and most accurate crossbow of its size. Trust us, when facing a deer, you want to be the quickest hand in the West, South, North, or East.

“The Havoc is the most comfortable compact crossbow on the market. Period,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar. “When we launched a compact bow project, we wanted to create a bow that felt good to shooters of all sizes, while implementing our reverse-draw technology that allows us to deliver unmatched speed, power, and accuracy.”

The crossbow fires at the lightning-fast rate of 440 FPS. It also features reverse-draw and the company’s patent ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System. It measures 26.4 inches making it a breeze to carry.

What’s the ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System? It’s a system that makes it easier and safer than ever to unload and decock your crossbow. You can remove your hand from the handle, and it will stop in place. It also includes the Trigger Lock-Latch, which locks the trigger box in places. The Havoc RS440 also features a 1,800-pound test nylon strap.

The crossbow includes an S1 Trigger for zero trigger creep and a 3.5-pound trigger break. With both RX-7-Cams and SLING-SHOT, the arrows move faster than ever. The crossbow is easily transportable and maneuverable. The bow comes in two colors: Veil Alpine camouflage or Graphite Gray.

It costs between $2,499.99 to $2,599.99.

Additionally, the Havoc RS440 XERO includes a Garmin Rangefinding Scope. Paired together, it makes hunting deer and other game from a distance easier than ever. That bow features a built-in-range button on the grip, able to automatically range game 250 yards away. The XERO sells for $3,599.99 in Veil Alpine camouflage.

Siege RS410 is a Crossbow on a Budget

For hunters on a budget, Tenpoint is also releasing another crossbow this year. The Siege RS410 is a bad boy and sure to accomplish all of your hunting needs. It features reverse-draw technology and able to shot a piercing shot of 410 FPS. Like the Havok line, the Siege bow features ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System and an S1 Trigger.

This bow is slightly larger at 26.5 inches.

“Our new Havoc and Siege crossbows are the most comfortable compact crossbows on the market, and at the $1,699.99 price-point, you won’t find a more impressive ultra-compact crossbow than our new Siege RS410,” Bednar continued. “Its center-mounted riser and adjustable butt plate, along with the performance of its reverse-draw bow assembly, separate this model from other small crossbows in terms of size, speed, balance, accuracy and overall comfort.”

The bow’s TEC-TACTICAL stock is made from high-strength polypropylene material. This makes the bow both lightweight but durable. Like the Havok series, the Siege RS410 comes in Veil Alpine or Graphite Gray. It’s cheaper than the Havok line though. Prices range from $1,699.99 to $1,799.99

Both series of bows are built in America and come already assembled.