Trijicon Huron: “Purpose-made for the North American Deer Hunter”

by Jon D. B.

In January, NRA‘s American Hunter Magazine announced the Trijicon Huron rifle scope as its “Optic of the Year.” This is no small praise: it’s a huge accolade from a highly-read and respected publication. And the Outsider staff has more than a little experience using Trijicon scopes and sights. As such, we had some truly high expectations to meet with this review. And to spoil it for you right off the bat: we were not disappointed. Not one bit.

The Trijicon Huron is a Deer Hunter’s Best New Scope for the Right Price

Detailed Review: One of four recent additions to their line-up, Trijicon’s Huron is not illuminated – and that’s for a reason. This line of scopes was designed to provide a value-priced optic specifically for deer hunters who desire the premium glass, durability, and performance that Trijicon is known for.

Indeed, the Huron’s target is the average North American white-tailed deer hunter. Trijicon has a variety of scopes, many of which have built-in illumination of various types. However, the vast majority of hunters today use non-illuminated scopes. So, when trying to design and build an ideal scope for deer hunters, Trijicon put what the average deer hunter needs into the Huron and nothing more. This allows the Huron to save on unneeded size, weight, complexity – and above all, cost. At the same time, the scope includes the same quality multi-coated anti-scratch glass that you find in their higher-end scopes. It well as comparable light transmission to other brands selling for several times the price.

And make no mistake: this deer hunter’s scope is also tested using the same rigorous methods as all other Trijicon optics, so it will be able to survive being handled roughly: whether it be from banging the optic against a metal ladder pulling it up into a tree stand and spooking every deer within a mile, or falling on top of it into two feet of water when you slip in a creek (actual Outsider staff experiences with Trijicon scopes).

See the Trijicon Huron in Action

In short: Outsider loves this lightweight scope. Weighing in at just 15.8 ounces in the configuration we tested, the Huron really is a featherweight by comparison to more traditional hunting scopes. When paired with a composite stock, bolt action rifle – this will be very comfortable to carry on long stalks.

Seeing as how this scope can be found for less than $500, we wanted to see how it compared to other more expensive brands and lines. To do so, we lined each up side-by-side with various daylight conditions, then put the Huron to the ultimate test.

Watch below as Outsider‘s Pro-Staff Brandon Chesbro and Greg Gough walk through every detail you’ll need to know before considering adding this awesome, but affordable scope to your arsenal.

“I like a light scope on all my deer rifles,” Gough begins. “I don’t stay in the stand very long, and I end up getting down on the ground and stalking. Probably don’t get as many deer,” he laughs, “but I do like and need a light scope, light rifle, composite stock – and this really fits the bill.”

How about that tool-less zero adjustment? All of the features we’ve mentioned come in 4 configurations:

Trijicon Huron – 4 Scope Configuration Offerings:

  • 1 – 4 x 24, ideal for ARs and shorter range rifles, 30mm tube
  • 3 – 9 x 40, 1in tube
  • 3 – 12 x 40, 30mm tube
  • 2.5 – 10 x 40, 30mm tube

The video above details all of the configurations and reticle options for the Huron.

Again, each offering retails for over $600, but can be found for around $500 online – a bargain price for a scope of this quality made by a top-tier, trusted optics manufacturer.

All in all, we believe that the Huron is exactly what Trijicon intended it to be: the ultimate North American white-tailed deer optic. Be sure to subscribe to Outsider’s YouTube Channel for all the latest in hunting, fishing, and outdoors product reviews – and we’ll see you next time!