Two Elk Left to Waste in Idaho, Continues Running Issue with Poaching and Wasting

by Jon D. B.

Idaho state continues to struggle with poaching as the latest incident leaves two cow elk to rot unused in the Gifford community.

Idaho law enforcement continues to struggle with poachers in the state. The morning of Monday, January 4, two cow elk were discovered after being poached in the state’s Gifford community. Officials believe the elk were part of a small herd that locals often spot in the area. One of the cows was pregnant with a calf that would’ve been born this spring.

Unlike previous poaching cases, however, no edible meat was absent from either carcass. State officials regret that neither was of a salvageable state.

Each elk appears to have been shot from the road the night of Sunday, January 3rd. It is possible, however, the incident took place in the early morning of Monday, the 4th. Both elk were left to waste in a field near mile marker 7 on the Reubens-Gifford Rd. (Magpie Grade), according to local Big Country News.

Furthermore, local authorities, alongside Idaho Fish and Game, ask “anyone with information to please contact SCO Erin Landers at 208-792-7807, the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-888-632-5999 or the Regional Fish and Game office at 208-799-5010. Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a sizeable monetary reward.”

Cow Elk Latest in Long String of Idaho Poaching Slaughters

The two cow elk are but the latest in a year-long string of poaching slaughters within the state. Outsider previously reported on The Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s investigation into poaching after a cow and calf moose were found on Moscow Mountain this past December (2020).

“According to the department, unknown individuals discovered the animals’ remains on Sunday, Dec 20. As of now, the IDFG believes someone killed both moose earlier the same day,” reports Outsider‘s Emily Morgan. Moose hunting season was not open at the time. Also, no hunting seasons exist for cow moose throughout the region due to concerns regarding moose populations.” Read our full coverage on the case here.

In addition, officers of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game discovered two more illegally killed moose – just one week after a series of moose-poaching incidents in the state this past October. Our full coverage of this heinous poaching string is available here.

While the poaching continues, state officials have been aware of the issue for some time. In fact, Idaho Fishing and Game has been deploying true-to-life, animatronic decoys to catch their poachers since last year. The state’s poaching problem, however, only seems to be worsening.

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