Vermont Turkey Hunters Enjoy Hugely Successful 2020

by Emily Morgan

While the past year was almost nothing but bad news, this wasn’t the case for Vermont turkey hunters. For them, things couldn’t have been better. Vermont hunters shot more than 6,000 turkeys in 2020, across all seasons.

In 2020, Vermont hunters took 6,136 wild turkeys. This number includes the 627 turkeys taken in the April youth weekend hunt and 4,791 birds taken during the spring season.

In addition, hunters nabbed 718 gobblers during the fall.

“Although 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of many challenges, at least one thing remained the same. Vermont hunters took to the woods to enjoy restorative time and were rewarded for their efforts,” said Chris Bernier, Vermont biologist.

Hunters’ success rates remained high, with 20 percent of resident hunters taking turkeys during the spring hunt. Moreover, 32 percent of those successful hunters captured a second bearded bird.

Vermont Youth’s High Turnout For Turkey Hunt

In addition, young Vermont hunters also had remarkable success. The youth hunters enjoyed an impressive 29 percent success rate during the April youth weekend season.

“The turkeys represent an estimated 140,000 servings of locally sourced turkey meat as well as countless memories and a connection to the land,” Bernier added.

Vermont hunters harvested turkeys in 241 of the state’s 255 towns.

“Vermont’s long history of careful management of wild turkeys has positioned us to maximize the benefits we all receive from this remarkable bird.

“These birds play a critical role in the environment as a prey item and influence other species’ populations.”

In Delaware, hunters are gearing up for annual spring wild turkey hunting season which starts in April 2021.

Delaware turkey hunters born after Jan. 1, 1967, must have completed an approved basic hunter education safety course and have a course card/hunter safety number.

The state’s officials said the hunter education requirements have collectively helped Delaware turkey hunters achieve an excellent hunting safety record since the state began offering a wild turkey hunting season in 1991.