WATCH: Hunter Annihilates ‘Innocent Bystander’ Rabbit After Awful Miss on Trophy Buck

by Jon D. B.

Watch as deer hunter John Gonzales films what he hopes is a trophy buck kill – only to witness the complete annihilation of an “innocent bystander” rabbit.

What a painful miss. For several parties. Chief among them is the rabbit of this tale, sure. But none of this would’ve ever made it on film if not for the spectacular misses of would-be-deer-turned-rabbit hunter John Gonzales.

By posting a snippet of his trophy hunt to YouTube, Gonzales had no idea he was providing the internet with a viral video. That’s exactly what happened. Now, over 4 million views later, we’re here to set the record straight – straight from the horse’s mouth.

So what could’ve possibly led an experienced (or so we’re led to believe) hunter like John Gonzales to such a hysterical rabbit whiffer?

“To make a long story short, my son dropped my rifle one week before this hunt and did not tell me it was dropped,” Gonzales notes. A likely story… Though we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Gonzales is, after all, a tremendous sport for putting this video online in the first place. YouTube is far from a friendly place.

“After making two repetitive shots with custom loads, I knew it was not me,” the rabbit annihilator continues. “15 minutes later, buck came back out and I had a chance to get my other gun from my truck and harvest him, however I did not film the fatal shot, but I have pictures.”

See! He has pictures to prove it. We don’t have them. But Gonzales does. He must’ve also written this caption well before the video went viral, too. His last statement? “Please notice innocent bystander (rabbit) on the first shot.”

Oh, we noticed. As for the unexpected somersault this “innocent bystander” of a bunny pulls off, well… “I was shooting a 7mm Magnum,” Gonzales notes.

Yep. That’ll do it.

Watch Poor ‘Bystander’ Rabbit Become Victim to Hunter & Terrible Miss

Chances are you’re a fellow hunter, and we don’t need to warn you of anything. But just in case you aren’t, the video below does not contain the violent explosion of rabbit you’re expecting. So you should be good, either way, considering you’ve made it this far into an article pertaining to the unbelievable annihilation of a rabbit.

Does this all sound slightly cruel? Perhaps. But hunting is a natural part of the circle of life. We humans have been doing it for eons, as have all predators that came before us. And Gonzales reassures his viewers that both the rabbit – and the trophy buck – were put to good use.

All in all, a priceless miss. For all the latest in hunting headlines, tips and tricks, stick with your fellow hunters at