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WATCH: Ravin R500E Crossbow Hits 500 FPS at 2021 ATA Virtual Show

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Watch as Ravin’s R500E Crossbow becomes “the first ever bow to hit over 500 FPS” in this fantastically unreal ATA reveal.

Unreal. Dave of Ravin Crossbow joins Lancaster Archery Supply for 2021’s ATA. Sure, the show is really different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, but if their “virtual show” delivered on anything: it’s this reveal. #ATA2021 Virtual Show booth to

The all-new R500E is an absolute beast. Right off the bat, Dave specifies that Ravin’s latest crossbow is “the first-ever bow to hit over 500 FPS.” Really.

“We’re not about advertising ‘up to’ any speed. We guarantee that your bow is going to deliver shooting 500 FPS,” Dave adds. From here, he details further impressive features we can expect from the R500E, including the dual screw-driven ‘Versadrive Cocking System’. With this, Dave says, you can “cock and de-cock the crossbow at any time… There’s no need for a cocking strap.”

The R500E is also compatible with Ravin’s new electric cocking motor, as well, which is huge. “It allows you to cock and de-cock the crossbow just by pushing a button.”

If that weren’t enough, this is the “most compact bow Ravin’s ever made – the most compact bow ever made,” Dave continues. At 3.6″ axel to axel cocked, this monster delivers on that promise.

Ravin Details R500E Crossbow

As for further specs, Ravin has released their full press release for the R500E on their website.

“With the advent of Ravin’s HeliCoil® technology, arrows are now matching bullets with lethal downrange accuracy,” Ravin starts off of their latest rifle.

What exactly is this HeliCoil technology they’re toting, though? Ravin specifies it “is a bold departure from typical crossbow design. In addition to delivering dead-straight nock point travel, Ravins have a Frictionless Flight™ System – for zero rail friction that otherwise robs an arrow of its speed and accuracy.”

Moreover, Ravin promises that “Right out of the box, after zeroing in the scope, shooters can consistently achieve 3-inch groups at the length of a football field – all with the most compact crossbow ever created.”

“And all that performance comes from a crossbow that measures just 6 inches from axle-to-axle when fully drawn.” So that’s 3.6″ cocked – and 6″ fully drawn.

Sign us up.

2021 ATA Virtual Show | Ravin Introduces the R500E

If you’re not pining for the R500E yet, you will be. Give the full ATA reveal a watch below, and join your fellow Outsiders in eagerly anticipating this crossbow‘s release.

“This crossbow shoots 500 feet per second, features an Electric Drive System, and comes in at an axle-to-axle width of just 3.6.”

Ravin Crossbows joined us at our #ATA2021 Virtual Show booth to discuss the all-new R500E.

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