WATCH: Taxidermist Shares Video of Whitetail Deer Mounting Process

by Josh Lanier

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to mount a deer, a taxidermist has posted the entire process on YouTube.

As you have likely guessed, it’s a long, laborious process that requires a great deal of skill to pull off. The YouTube channel appropriately named Rebecca’s Taxidermy Channel posted the video showing each step in the process of mounting a deer.

The channel is full of videos featuring her stuffing a number of different animals.

Aside from exploring the process, it’s also a good explainer of how taxidermists set their prices. While it can feel like $500 or more is too much to pay for a mount, seeing all the steps required makes it seem almost cheap.

Last Year Was A Busy One for Taxidermists

Hunting saw a massive resurgence in popularity last year, which meant more work for taxidermists. All across the country, taxidermists were forced to turn away customers because they had too much work backlogged already. Processors also saw big spikes in their business, forcing some to close their doors to new customers until they could catch up.

“I would say the season is a blessing in disguise,” Courtney Long of Daddy D Taxidermy in Texas told KLTV. “We took in more deer than we’ve ever expected.”

Some have struggled to keep up, especially since they often have to plan months in advance. The coronavirus fueled much of the increase in hunting last year, but experts are hopeful for the future.

But it’s all good signs for the industry. Randy Stewart, owner of Clingerman Taxidermy, told the Finger Lakes Times that he’s excited because there are younger hunters coming into his shop recently. He believes that bodes well for him and the industry.

“I am seeing younger hunters who are spending more money,” he said, “and there have been more women bringing deer to me. This is great for the future of hunting.”