Why Squirrel Hunting is the Ideal Introduction to Hunting for Kids

by Will Shepard

Not long ago, kids began hunting by squirrel hunting or rabbit hunting. Small game has always been the best way to introduce someone to hunting. However, it seems that nowadays, people are trying to go right into big game hunting.

However, that isn’t always the best idea. Going straight into big game hunting can scar young kids. Rather, start them on squirrels.

Hunting big game takes a lot of work, and if a kid is successful it can be extremely traumatic. Taking an animal’s life for the first time, or for the hundredth time, is never easy. So, starting small is a perfect way to ease into hunting.

Top Reasons Squirrel Hunting Is a Perfect Intro to Hunting

In particular, squirrel hunting is the perfect start. For one, squirrels are everywhere. Anywhere there are trees, there are squirrels.

Additionally, squirrels are most active during daylight. They sleep while humans sleep, which means that hunts don’t need to take all day. Rather, you can go out and go squirrel hunting for an hour or two and pile up the meat.

Squirrels are also really easy to hunt for. They are loud, obnoxious, curious, and best of all, they have a tiny home range. Hunting for them, again, is relatively effortless. Finding a spot where there’s plenty of food means that there will be lots of squirrels.

More importantly, squirrel hunting hones your shooting excellently. They are small targets and require near-perfect shots to kill them. In other words, teaching someone to shoot a squirrel means that they will be able to place shots on bigger animals. This is something that is always underrated but is incredibly important.

Squirrel hunting even teaches stalking. “Tree rats” are exceptionally smart, so be calm, staying silent, and learning how to get close enough to shoot them is crucial. Again, this can be directly applied to hunting big game.

Continuing with the reasons to hunt squirrels is that the bag limits are often generous. Because squirrels are small and so common, harvesting lots of them at a time is tedious but rewarding. More importantly, it teaches hunting ethics well. Reserving yourself or whomever you are teaching is an important lesson for any hunter.

Additionally, squirrels are relatively easy to clean after a kill. Yet again, this skill is important for any beginning hunter to learn. And, like any wild game, squirrels are delicious when prepared correctly.

So, long story short, there is no reason not introduce someone to hunting with squirrel hunting.