Winchester and Browning 6.8 Western Long-Range Cartridge Launch is Changing the Game

by Jon D. B.

Whether your targeting big game or long-range competitions, the 6.8 Western is revolutionizing accuracy and functionality to bring you the perfect modern hunting cartridge. When it comes to loading up, there’s no more trusted names than Winchester & Browning. Together, they’ve put the best minds in the industry up to task and brought forth ammo you’ll have to shoot to believe.

Introducing the 6.8 Western: Winchester & Browning’s brand new long-range cartridge that’s sure to be a new favorite for shooters coast to coast.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and any long-range gunman knows it’s a hassle to nail down the right ammo with the right versatility, accuracy, and functionality across the board. Not anymore. The 6.8 Western was designed from the ground-up by these two titans to ensure you’re hitting your target – no matter the sport.

For years now, long-range cartridges have been designed with only long-range target shooting in mind. Modern long-range shooting options offer up bullet weights that are simply too light for large harvests. As such, there really seems to be no middle ground nor anything with a higher ballistic profile that goes the distance with confident knockdown power at extreme ranges.

6.8 Western Long-Range Cartridge: “Built to Solve”

The 6.8 Western means to solve this issue entirely. With both big game animals and long-range target shooting in mind, Winchester & Browning have crafted a revolutionary modern cartridge.

The 6.8 Western Cartridge (photo courtesy of Winchester / Browning press)

Utilizing a newer, longer .277 caliber projectile design, these bullets are heavier than those historically loaded into 270 Win and 270 WSM cartridges. As such, rifles manufactured for this cartridge will have a combination of overall length and barrel twist rate that ensures this long, heavier bullet is stabilized for longer-range shooting.

Now, sportsmen can hit their target with the full package: a heavy bullet that remains properly stabilized for long-range shooting. To this end, the Western 6.8 offers weights as heavy as 175 grains, packing a punch far closer to 30 caliber offerings without sacrificing all-important accuracy.

Every aspect of the Western 6.8 – from the 35 degree shoulder angle, to cartridge throat dimensions, to the absence of belting, vastly improves the long-range shooting experience. None of this, however, rules this cartridge out from fitting into short action frames. Sportsmen holstering X-Bolts, XPR’s, and Model 70’s are good to go with the Western 6.8, as well.

In short: Winchester has put forth over 150 years of cartridge design to create the “perfect all-around hunting and shooting cartridge.” And at less than $40 a box, they’ll become your new long-range cartridge of choice.

Maximum Bullet Weights: 6.8 Western = 175 gr
• 22% heavier than 6.5 PRC and 6.5 Creedmoor (143 gr)
• 17% heavier than 270 Win and 270 WSM (150 gr)

Energy at 500 yards: 6.8 Western = 1,856 ft/lbs
• 19% more energy than 270 WSM (1,555 ft/lbs)
• 67% more energy than 6.5 Creedmoor (1,111 ft/lbs)

Outsider Puts The 6.8 Western to the Test

None of this, however, means a thing if we can’t put this long-range cartridge to the test. To do just that, Outsider Pro Staff Abby Casey loaded up with the 6.8 Western for her latest mule deer hunt.

Outsider Pro Staff Abby Casey utilizes the Browning version of Winchester’s 6.8 Western for a very successful mule deer hunt in Nebraska with Prairie Rock Outfitters. (Image:

Taking to the wilds of Nebraska with our friends at Prairie Rock Outfitters, Casey set out to harvest big game with Winchester’s Browning offering of their 6.8 Western first-hand.

“After going out with the new 6.8 Western during hunting season, I found a new confidence in my shot,” Casey starts off of her experience with these long-range beauts.

“Having that little bit of extra knock down power at those further distances with the max bullet weights at 165gr and 175gr AND knowing they hold stable… is nice reassurance to have in your pocket.”

And as Always: The Proof is in the Harvest

An impressive mule deer buck came home with the team, courtesy of 6.8 Western cartridges efficiency, accuracy, and power (see above).

Winchester and Browning’s initial long-range cartridge weight offerings will include a 170 gr Ballistic Silvertip (G1 BC = .563), a 165 gr Accubond Long Range (G1 BC = .620), and a 175 gr Sierra Tipped GameKing (G1 BC = .617).

To this end, the 6.8 Western line is capable of harvesting any North American big game, and plenty across the pond in the African Plains, accurately and ethically. And with over 20 guns readily available on the market fit to shoot each offering, this revolutionary ammo is ready to shoot right out the gate.

It’s a fine time to be a hunter.

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