Wisconsin Turkey Hunters Post Increase in Birds in 2020

by Keeli Parkey

Overall, the 2020 turkey season was a very successful one in the state of Wisconsin. According to a report by WLUK in Madison, the number of turkey hunters who bagged birds during 2020 increased from the previous year.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently reported that more than 4,600 turkeys were collected by hunters in the state during the fall 2020 season. That figure is a 21 percent increase over 2019.

In addition to more turkeys being bagged and registered last year, more individuals were out hunting during 2020, according to figures released by the state of Wisconsin. The state’s Department of Natural Resources sold 81,710 harvest authorizations. That is an increase of 6,935 compared to 2019.

According to Wisconsin officials, the success rate for hunters increased during 2020. During 2019, according to the report, the success rate was 5.1 percent. In 2020, the success rate was 5.6 percent.

State officials believe the global coronavirus pandemic led more individuals to take up hunting and other outdoor activities during 2020.

Check out this recent tweet from the Wisconsin of Department of Natural Resources.

Wisconsin’s Third Elk Hunting Season Ends with All Hunters Filling Tags

On Tuesday (Jan. 26) the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced that five of the state’s hunters filled their tags during the state’s third managed elk season.

According to a previous report, the 2020 marked the 25 anniversary of the reintroduction and management of elk in the state of Wisconsin.

To make the 2020 season a success during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group of the five state-approved hunters used online chats and social media to communicate. It was during these discussions that the reportedly planned their hunts and encouraged one another for the unique hunting experience.

“This wasn’t a typical season for this year’s hunters, so they got creative,” said Josh Spiegel, DNR Wildlife Biologist. “Each of the five hunters had unique experiences, but all ended the same with the harvest of a beautiful Wisconsin bull elk.”

Minnesota Woman, Alaskan Husky Begin Insane 70-Day Solo Hike Through Wisconsin

In addition to interesting hunting opportunities, Wisconsin offers excellent hiking as well. Minnesota resident Emily Ford, and her husky, started a 70-day, 1,200-mile trip across Wisconsin near the end of December 2020.

Ford and her faithful companion were using the Ice Age Trail for their journey. It was expected to take 10 weeks and Ford was expecting to face a lot of cold and snowy weather. In addition to battling the weather, Ford previously said she was worried about facing isolation on their journey.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever spent that much time basically being alone, but that’s what I’m mostly thinking about. I haven’t had any military training or motivational training on how to deal with that much being alone. And there are some long stretches, 30 miles along a flat road in one spot, where it might be hard to keep motivated. That’s why I’m bringing Diggins,” Ford said.

Hopefully, her four-legged friend was an asset to her on her journey.