Hurricane Ida Death Toll Rises to Five After Highway Collapses, Alligator Kills Man

by Madison Miller

The Category 4 hurricane that tore through the Louisiana coast, Hurricane Ida, has left five people dead after its path of destruction on Sunday. The state was hit with 150 mph winds as it tore apart buildings, caused flooding, snapped power lines, and overall destruction.

As of now, there are search and rescue operations underway to recover people left trapped by the storm. According to CBS News, there are now about 1 million houses and businesses left with no power. This includes the bustling city of New Orleans.

Officials are working quickly to get the regions impacted back up and running, but it will likely take weeks to do so.

The current death toll from Hurricane Ida is an estimate, seeing as search and rescue is looking for survivors in different submerged areas. The death toll does sit at five, as of this morning. Governor Billy Nungesser spoke on the “Today” show about how the state is faring following the tragedy. “Knowing so many people stayed behind, we expect there will be more people found who have passed,” he said.

Two Tragic Deaths In Lousiana

According to Daily Mail, one of the tragic deaths that were shared online was a man who drowned in a car. He was sitting in the driver’s seat while the water slowly submerged over his head. A nearby person was eventually able to pull him out and performed CPR on him for 20 to 30 minutes. He sadly did not make it.

Another terrifyingly tragic death happened to a Lousiana man, his wife shared with WWL-TV. He was wading through the water near his home. His wife was nearby when she suddenly heard a loud splashing sound. An alligator was in the floodwater and had locked him in a death roll.

The news outlet reported that the alligator ripped off the man’s arm during the altercation and he then fell below the surface of the water. Sadly, authorities have so far been unable to locate the man’s remains following the terrifying incident related to Hurricane Ida.

Coming Back From Hurricane Ida

As of now, Louisiana is working tirelessly to jump back from Hurricane Ida. The state was prepared for the storm and had issued some emergency evacuations and had search and rescue officials standing by. Businesses and homeowners also boarded up their homes to the best of their abilities.

Two other people were also killed when a highway collapsed due to Hurricane Ida. According to NBC News, two died and 10 others got injured in George County, which is in southern Mississippi.

The 50-foot stretch of highway collapsed, causing some cars to drop up to 20 feet. The area had sustained intense rainfall due to the nearby hurricane. Three of the people who were injured had life-threatening conditions.

Now, officials are concerned with a spike in COVID-19 cases that will undoubtedly come from this incident. The storm creates the perfect environment for the spread of the highly infectious virus.

Hurricane Ida is now reduced to a tropical depression as it continues to travel.