Hurricane Ida: Dolphin Swims in Floods of Louisiana Neighborhood in Aftermath Video

by Megan Molseed

When a local Louisiana resident stepped out to survey the damage left behind after Hurricane Ida made landfall earlier this week, they had no idea the sight they were about to encounter.

A recent video shared on social media shows what appears to be a dolphin swimming in a flooded Louisiana neighborhood; shortly after Hurricane Ida struck.

Hurricane Ida ripped through areas of the country earlier this week, destroying cities and towns in its wake. With overwhelmingly high winds and torrential downpours, the category four storm left many in its path stranded, and homeless without any clean water, electricity, or phone service.

According to reports, the video was recorded while residents in Slidell Louisiana were bicycling through neighborhoods Monday morning, hoping to assess the damage brought on by the category four storm.

With devastation all around her as Hurricane Ida’s force began to die down, Amanda Hulling sure wasn’t expecting what she would see come popping out of the water while she scanned the neighborhood. Surely it was something she hadn’t ever seen in the area.

“A dolphin was spotted swimming in water in a Slidell, Louisiana neighborhood after Hurricane #Ida blasted ashore,” noted WVTM13’s Sheri Falk on a Monday evening Twitter post.

Looking Over the Damage Caused By Hurricane Ida

In the video which was shared Monday evening, the floodwaters appear to be cresting near a Slidell Louisiana apartment complex.

The force of Hurricane Ida has died down considerably, however, remnants of the storm continue. The sky remains gray, as the rains continue to come down. The wind can be heard whipping in the video.

Then, you see it.

Popping above the surface of the water is what looks to be the dorsal fin of the dolphin. The video follows the unique sight, as the dorsel glides through the cresting waters.

The dorsel is only visible for a moment, before the dolphin dives down, disappearing below the surface of the water.

Soon, the animal reemerges, swimming a little further down from the spot where it was first sighted.

The dolphin emerges just above the surface a few times throughout the sixty-eight-second video.

An Astonishing Sight

The astounding video quickly hit local news sources and is now trending on social media.

Earlier in the week, Hurricane Ida slammed into the Louisiana coastline bringing with it 150 miles per hour winds.

The category four hurricane’s immense winds tore roofs off of homes, knocked down powerlines; while the accompanying torrential rains fell non-stop, leaving many homeless in the aftermath.