Hurricane Ida: First Death Confirmed in Louisiana From Storm

by Shelby Scott

As Hurricane Ida’s intensity built early Sunday and made landfall midday yesterday, Americans prepared themselves for devastating news ahead of its destruction. During last night’s early morning hours, Louisiana announced its first death at the hands of Ida.

The victim, a 60-year-old man, was reportedly struck by a fallen tree, receiving fatal injuries as a result. Ascension Parish, LA, which is to the northwest of New Orleans, reported the man’s death. Authorities concluded the incident took place around 8:30 p.m. local time Sunday off of Highway 621 in Prairieville. Following the report, authorities soon confirmed the fatality.

In response to the man’s death, LA Governor John Bel Edwards said, “Tragically, we have our first death of Hurricane Ida…Please shelter in place and stay safe. We will begin damage assessments and search and rescue missions as soon as it is safe.”

As remained consistent throughout yesterday’s news, Hurricane Ida slammed into LA shores as a Category 4 hurricane mid-day Sunday. With it, she brought maximum wind speeds of 150 miles per hour. According to the New York Post, Ida dropped to a Cat-2 hurricane as she proceeded further inland, hammering New Orleans as it came within 30 miles of the famous city.

Hurricane Ida Haunts Louisianans with Howling Winds and Rain

While we imagine many of the horrors attached to mega-hurricanes such as Ida highlight the damage done by wind, rain, and deadly storm surges, those unfamiliar with the natural phenomena may not understand that with each hurricane comes its own soundtrack. Yesterday, video footage captured the haunting howls and screams ignited by the hurricane’s arrival. Take a listen.

With wind speeds reaching 150 miles per hour at Hurricane Ida’s initial approach, the video captures dangerous flooding and lashing winds combined to create a sound that some have called “maddening.” The OP wrote, “This is why you evacuate if at all possible.” Not only does the clip capture the sideways rain and deafening wind, but viewers can also see what appears to be a large chunk of a nearby dock or some other wooden structure.

The clip pieces together different times throughout the day Sunday, capturing the danger and intensity that is Hurricane Ida. According to famed weather reporter Al Roker, Ida categorized as, “a 15-mile-wide tornado.”

New Orleans is Entirely Without Power

Maddening winds, whipping rain, and deadly storm surges all convene to create quite a monster of a hurricane. There is no doubt then that LA residents have been and continue to be in danger, as major flash-flooding is expected to continue through Monday. However, on top of everything else, the entire city of New Orleans lost power with Hurricane Ida’s landfall yesterday.

The New York Post reported the fact soon after midnight Monday morning. Along with New Orleans, nearby Jefferson Parish saw 97% of its city without power. According to WWL Radio, power outages occurred when Hurricane Ida demolished one of the area’s main transmission towers. The tower reportedly collapsed into the waters of the Mississippi River.

PowerOutage.US, which tracks outages nationwide, recorded more than 1 million Americans without power between two southern states affected by Ida.