Hurricane Ida: Frightening Footage Shows What Storm’s Inner Eye Wall Looked and Sounded Like at Landfall

by Josh Lanier

A man who decided to stay at his Louisiana home and ride out Hurricane Ida posted a chilling video as the storm passed through his area.

Raymond Serigny shared a live video as the storm made landfall Sunday and moved over his Golden Meadow’s home. Hurricane Ida’s eyewall, where the storm is most fierce, passed through that area Sunday. Serigny’s video shows how scary it was for those in the storm’s path. The driving rain is constant and unrelenting and the 150 mph winds howl as they rip through the small community.

Serigny posted a second video Sunday after flying debris broke the window in his living room. Water poured in through the open window.

“Otherworldly,” one person responded to his video said. “It’s like watching a speeding train!

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what happened to Serigny. Hurricane Ida knocked out cell service and power throughout the area, and his family can’t reach him, a report said. Thousands of people have left comments on his videos hoping for an update on his condition. It could be days before his family is able to reach him, as flooding is persistent across that area.

Several people said videos like Serigny show why it’s important to heed the evacuation orders whenever possible.

“This is why listening to your emergency officials, your local NWS office, and the NHC is so important during hurricane season,” one person posted on his video. “If you are able to evacuate, DO IT! Your life matters much more than anything else!”

While the National Weather Service downgraded Hurricane Ida to a tropical storm after it made landfall, officials are still warning of severe issues ahead. Most notably flooding and storm surges of several feet are expected across parts of the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Ida Knocks Over Building In New Orleans

Thankfully, New Orleans was spared from much of the destructive power of Hurricane Ida. Though, people could see signs of the storm’s strength across the beloved city.

A photographer in the city took before and after photos that show just how bad the storm has been for much of the region. In one photo, a building was completely demolished.

The storm tore the roof off of a building in the French Quarter and scattered it across the area.

President Joe Biden promised the Gulf Coast that federal help was on the way.

“As soon as the storm passes, we are going to put the country’s full might behind rescue and recovery,” he said on Sunday.

Though, he warned that the recovery would take a lot of work and “a little luck”

“Don’t kid yourself,” the president added. “This is going to take a lot of resources, a little luck. And as my grandfather would say, the grace of God and goodwill of the neighbors.”