Hurricane Ida: New Orleans Police Chief Declares His Department Will ‘Not Permit Looting,’ On Hand to ‘Enforce’

by Shelby Scott

Numerous threats accompany Hurricane Ida and her hammering of the Gulf Coast. However, looting poses a real threat during the storm as well. While Louisiana residents hopefully remain at home to wait Ida out or evacuated, some may intend on looting and thieving among the chaos.

However, New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson enforced during a press conference he and the department will not stand for looting throughout the weathering of Hurricane Ida.

Ferguson began the conference emphasizing he and his units wait to assist in whatever recovery efforts they may experience. However, more importantly, the Police Chief said, “We will not…allow any looting throughout this process, and we will be out there to enforce that.”

Law enforcement and safety officials maintain the overall protection of Louisiana residents overall. However, the New Orleans Police Department must also ready themselves for potential looting and other crimes throughout Hurricane Ida.

Regardless, Ferguson emphasized the importance of individual safety. He begged viewers, “Please, hunker down now as we will have to hunker down at some point in time ourselves.”

In order to guarantee safety for New Orleans officers, he said eventually, they “will not be able to respond.”

Medical Personnel Prepare for Hurricane Ida’s Impact

New Orleans law enforcement, and other agencies across the state, prepare for the worst during Ida’s frightening storm conditions. Additionally, medical personnel are on standby, awaiting the flood of people sure to arrive at hospital doorsteps.

Americans express growing concerns surrounding a lack of ICU beds and hospital vacancies due to the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless, hospitals across the south have prepared themselves for the worst of Hurricane Ida with the tools they have available. During a sit-down with The Weather Channel, the Lousiana Chief Medical Officer shared how hospitals are prepping.

While it may come as some surprise to more northern residing U.S. residents, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Catherine O’Neal said that many hospitals have prepared for hurricanes like these since the beginning of the summer. She explained that generator tests take place frequently along with confirming medical team assignments. These include detailed plans for individuals who should remain within hospitals providing treatment. Contrastly, other teams are designated as part of recovery groups.

While injuries and fatalities are of major concern to medical personnel across the state, O’Neal stressed that the ability to get ambulances and personal vehicles to and from hospitals amid Hurricane Ida will be difficult, if not impossible. She admitted that, following the storm’s eventual retreat, she expects many Louisiana citizens to arrive at area hospitals, though many of them will most likely be waiting in halls and unconventional areas due to the overpacked status resulting from COVID-19 patients.