Hurricane Ida: Over 100 Men Stranded on Drill Ship in Gulf, No Rescue in Sight

by Michael Freeman

Hurricane Ida‘s path of destruction is most obviously seen in places like Louisiana, but the damage far extends to harming things on land. Fox News reports more than 100 men are currently stranded on a drillship in the Gulf of Mexico, with no rescue in sight.

After Hurricane Ida ravaged the surrounding area, the crew aboard the Noble’s Globetrotter II drillship say they’re stranded and don’t know when rescuing attempts will begin. An anonymous crew member told KLFY News Ten how bad morale was.

“I mean I was watching grown men with life jackets hold on for dear life crying in the hallway. It was bad.” The crew member goes on to recall his surprise the ship stayed afloat.

“Being on the top deck, you can look through the glass and see the bottom of the rig at certain points in time. We had 60-80 foot seas that we were getting hit with, so the boat was sideways, getting pretty much capsized in the water. Someway, somehow we didn’t flip.”

The drillship is located about 100 miles from Louisiana’s shore. The crew reported they rode out the storm as the huge waves and nearly 150 mph winds hit the ship. Apparently, Noble Corporation and Shell were supposed to rescue them, but have yet to arrive.

The ship is now taking on water, but the crew can’t go out because it’s reportedly too dangerous with broken cranes, electrical wires, and chemicals in the area.

Four of the crew members were injured by the storm and subsequently rescued, but it’s unknown how long it will take to rescue the rest. The company told the crew they are seeking ways to land helicopters and rescue the remaining men.

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Actor John Schneider Asks Fans For Help After Studio Suffers Hurricane Ida Damage

After reporting Hurricane Ida damaged both his home and film studio, John Schneider recently requested fan support. TMZ released a video detailing the actor’s plea to help those in need from Ida and himself.

“I don’t have any cellphone service. All I can do is send you this video. My request, as you look at pictures. My request is that if you know somebody that’s going through something like this, that you help them.”

“Now, I’d like you to help us by going to the store, Get you a movie, get your hat, get you something. And I would very much appreciate it.”

Additionally, TMZ spoke to John Schneider’s rep, who revealed the actor is fine. As he said in the video though, communication may be a bit spotty due to bad cell phone service.

Schneider plans to head back to Tennessee soon to help with flood relief. Before doing so, he did manage to post a photo of some of the damage the area received.