Hurricane Ida: Terrifying Video Shows Screaming Wind and Rain in Louisiana

by Anna Dunn

Hurricane Ida has been causing destruction since making landfall earlier today. A terrifying video uploaded to Twitter displaying its intense wind and rain shows the power of the storm, causing unbelievable havoc and bending wooden beams.

“Before/after bad/worse. Ida landfall at Port Fourchon, LA. This is why you evacuate if at all possible. I’ve heard survivors say that screaming of the wind is maddening. I believe them,” the person who posted the video wrote.

The video shows the hurricane during multiple different times in the day, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Even reporters on the ground are getting lashed by waves. Al Roker, who was knocked back by the storm, described it in a truly chilling way.

“It’s basically a 15-mile-wide tornado,” he said in a report. The Gulf is no stranger to hurricanes, but Ida is its own beast as it rages through Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida Comes With a Life Threatening Storm Surge

Hurricane Ida has been tearing roofs clear off buildings, leveling entire structures, making massive trees fall, and has caused millions to lose power. The hurricane center has warned those in the area of a possible life-threatening storm surge.

“Life-threatening storm surge inundation is expected today along portions of the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and could reach 9 feet or greater above ground level somewhere within the area from Burns Point, Louisiana, to Ocean Springs, Mississippi,” the center wrote in a tweet earlier this morning. It looks like those predictions have been sound, with chilling video surfacing from the state all day.

One particular video showed the perils of a storm surge. With videos taken just an hour apart, a video out of Fire Station #12 in Delacroix showed just how quickly water can rise, and why its so important to evacuate.

The governor of Louisiana has urged anyone remaining to stay indoors as the storm continues to head north through the state.

Hurricane Ida could also cause a rise in oil prices. Over 90% of the Gulf of Mexico’s production shut down Saturday in preparation for the storm. By Sunday, that number went up to 95%. Now, 95.7% of the region’s oil production has been paused according to CNN.

Whatever happens next, there are people ready to swoop in once it’s safe to do so. The federal government has assured that they will begin a full rescue mission as soon as possible, with president Biden speaking on the matter.

“As soon as the storm passes, we are going to put the country’s full might behind rescue and recovery,” the president said in an update about the storm. Both the President and the Governor of Louisiana have urged people to evacuate, or if it’s not possible, to take shelter as the storm rages on.