Hurricane Ida: Tree Uprooted by Intense Winds Peels Up Surrounding Turf ‘Like a Carpet’

by Leanne Stahulak

A Lousiana resident shared an incredible video during Hurricane Ida of an uprooted tree yanking out the turf surrounding it. Only the turf didn’t rip up in messy clods — it “peeled up like a carpet” instead.

The New York Post shared the video from Heath Hoffpauir, a Morgan City, Lousiana, resident. In the video, he shows an incredible, almost perfectly shaped curve of turf. It looks intentional and man-made, not a result of a destructive force of nature.

As he circles the uprooted turf in the video, Hoffpauir says, “Check this out. Tree peeled [it] up like a carpet.”

We’ve already seen Hurricane Ida rip the roofs off of buildings, destroy entire homes and establishments, and flood whole sections of cities. The hurricane may have lessened to a tropical storm as it continues to travel, but the effects of the mighty hurricane will be felt for a long time, especially by Louisana residents.

Four Confirmed Dead Due to Hurricane Ida

As of this morning, the Hurricane Ida death toll numbered four people. Two people in Louisiana died of flooding-related incidents, and two in Mississippi died from a collapsed highway bridge.

The Hurricane Ida floodwaters in Louisiana allowed an alligator to attack one man in his own backyard. According to WWL-TV, the 71-year-old man was checking his property and as he waded through his shed, the animal attacked him. His wife heard the commotion and ran over, pulling him away from the alligator. By that point, the animal had already ripped off his arm.

His wife saw the severity of his injury and ran to get help. But when she came back, her husband’s body was gone. Authorities are still trying to locate his body.

Another man, according to The Daily Mail, drowned in his car. The water submerged over his head as he sat in the driver’s seat. Someone managed to pull him out and perform CPR for almost half an hour. But the man tragically died.

A 50-foot portion of the Highway 26 bridge collapsed in Mississippi, creating a 20-foot drop. Police told Fox News that the heavy rains likely weakened the support structure of the bridge. At least two people died and 10 people received injuries as seven cars fell through the drop.

On the TODAY show, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser mentioned that the Hurricane Ida death toll will likely rise more as search and rescue teams scour the flooded areas.

“Knowing so many people stayed behind, we expect there will be more people found who have passed,” Nungesser said. “Too many people ride these storms out and take their lives in their own hands.”

The Lt. Gov. said first responders will do a sweep of all houses to check for survivors who may not have been able to contact authorities via the phone. According to CBS News, one million homes and businesses have lost power, including the entire city of New Orleans.