Hurricane Larry: Here’s Where Category 3 Storm is Forecasted to Cause Havoc

by Shelby Scott

The United States’ east coast is still whirling from the destruction caused by the historic Hurricane Ida. The Category 4 hurricane struck the coast of Louisiana, followed by Mississippi, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In days, Ida tore through the eastern states of Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and, finally, New York and New Jersey.

However, northeastern coastal states, especially New Jersey, again need to prepare for impact from another approaching hurricane. Now the third-strongest hurricane this season, Hurricane Larry could bring major rainfall to the area later this week.

Currently, Hurricane Larry occupies areas in the southern regions over the Atlantic Ocean. FOX News reported the Cat-3 hurricane is about 780 miles southeast of Bermuda. Although, despite the distance separating Larry from the U.S. northeast coast Tuesday, weather forecasters predict the hurricane will result in impacts reaching as far north as New Jersey shores.

At the moment, Hurricane Larry demonstrates maximum sustained wind speeds reaching 115 miles per hour. The outlet reported the storm’s hurricane-force winds reach as far out as 70 miles from its center. It additionally possesses tropical-storm-force winds reaching up to 185 miles.

Bermuda’s Weather Service has reported a gradual weakening in Hurricane Larry’s approach over the next couple of days. However, FOX reported the island is under a tropical storm watch. Conditions may begin late Wednesday or early Thursday.

As Hurricane Larry progresses, the National Hurricane Center stated “significant swells” should reach the East Coast by midweek. Increased swells may affect shorelines later into the week.

Hurricane Larry to Bring Potentially Fatal Rip Currents

Rain and flooding caused major problems in areas along the Gulf Coast, as well as the Northeast Coast following Hurricane Ida. However, it’s not the only potential threat accompanying Hurricane Larry. According to the news outlet, the swells may cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions. Lifeguards and local officials are already urging beachgoers and visitors to be wary, and to follow local guidelines.

New Jersey suffered major damage and multiple fatalities alike post-Ida. And now, it is especially at risk, with heavy rainfall again predicted for Wednesday afternoon. Further, reported the Jersey Shore will see a moderate risk of rip currents Tuesday. That may be followed by a high risk on Wednesday.

Additionally, should coastal areas see enough rainfall, flash flooding is again likely due to saturated soil conditions.

As if flooding and rip currents weren’t enough, the National Weather Service further warned coastal areas of a conditional threat for “severe thunderstorms.”

The threat consists of “localized damaging winds and isolated tornadoes,” which New Jersey just recently saw amid Hurricane Ida.

As far as tornado threats go, the National Weather Service predicted the most at-risk areas currently lie north of Philadelphia.