Hurricane Larry: What to Know About the Coming Storm That Could Wreak More Havoc on Gulf Coast

by Michael Freeman

Though Hurricane Ida only recently passed, more trouble may still be on the horizon. Hurricane Larry is in the Atlantic right now, but even then, this could spell trouble for the gulf coast.

Reportedly as of yesterday, Larry was roughly 1,000 miles east-northeast of the Northern Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Not expecting to make landfall on the U.S. East Coast, the area will still experience “significant” swells. Additionally, the National Weather Service states waves should reach much of the coast by midweek and will impact the shore until the end of the week. Notably, the weather service said it is “likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.”

To make matters worse, heavy rains from Larry could push back Lousiana and Mississippi’s Ida recovery efforts. In fact, heavy rains are expected through midweek and capable of producing two to three inches of rain. Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana issued a statement about it on Twitter yesterday.

“Today is Labor Day, but for many in our state it will not be the day of rest it usually is. I hope that you will spend the day doing what Louisianans do best – being good neighbors. Our sense of community is one of the greatest assets we have during difficult times.”

Higher amounts of rainfall are possible and if this occurs, saturated soil conditions would make flash flooding a likely scenario. The National Weather Service said the chance of showers and thunderstorms today is 80% and 70% for tomorrow.

If Lousiana and Mississippi are lucky, the storm does have a chance to shift in its current track to the west or the east. Doing so would mean heavy storms for areas like Florida, but Lousiana and Mississippi would be spared further damage.

Man Saved by New Jersey Farmer and His Tractor During Ida Flooding

Lousiana and Mississippi are the headliners for Hurricane Ida damage, but New Jersey suffered greatly as well. Even amid this, one man in New Jersey went so far as to get his tractor to help save someone.

On his way to meet an online friend for the first time, Richard Peek got caught in Ida’s floodwaters while in Hunterdon County. The water rose around his vehicle, but before things turned out too badly, Peek’s friend showed up in a tractor to save him.

Peek lives in Maine and was going to Georgie to meet Wesley Pandy and give him a custom-made banjo. That changed when he called Pandy about the flooding trouble, so his online friend came to meet him. Peek streamed the event to his YouTube page and recounts the event what Pandy said to him. “He says if I have to I’ll bring a big tractor and pull up next to you,” which Pandy did. A man of his word, Pandy showed up with his tractor, saving his friend and banjo in the process.

Pandy responded after the event in the best way possible. “He wants to pay me for saving his life. I was like Richard you don’t have to give me anything. You made me a banjo. That’s priceless.” It’s curious as to which is better: Pandy’s perspective or the quality of the custom banjo.